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Deviant Art’s Holiday Card Project

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Hello, all!

I just saw this today!

Deviant Art (a website that has a lot of fan art, digital art, and lots and lots of other types of art) is coordinating a project they call the Holiday Card Project.

I read it and I love it because they clearly outlined how one can be involved! It’s so cool.

And you don’t have to be a member of Deviant Art to help either.

Send a card to the address they provide, with a cheerful drawing, and an encouraging note, and they will distribute them to people who are in hospitals over the holidays!

Also, if distributing cards is something you’d like to help with they are looking for volunteers for that, too!

Anyways, I thought you may want to hear of it, too, because I got all excited when I saw it!

Here is the link: Holiday Card Project 2015

Oh, and, right! The deadline is the 14th! (of December).

Happy Friday!


Are you involved in any holiday projects/charities/stuff such as that this year?

Do you have any cool weekend plans?



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