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My First Sip of Vodka


Today I had my first sip of hard licquor.

We regretted not filming it after it was all done – BT said we should have filmed it for my blog.

We may film my next “first”-sip.

I really don’t like the taste, smell or feel of alcohol, so this was an unusual step for me to take!

And it was really weird when I walked in a licquor store to by vodka. I am buying it to make vanilla with. If you let a couple vanilla beans sit in a vat of vodka for a while it makes a great substitute for commercial vanilla. It’s a lot cheaper, too!

Photo on 12-6-15 at 1.09 PM #2

I did pick this one partly because it had the pretty picture of a building.

Since I go through a McCormick 2oz of vanilla at a startlingly fast rate, I looked forward to doing this.

When we bought the vodka, BT asked if he could have a sip as he’d never had vodka before. I said sure – but he didn’t have it right then because he was leaving soon.

He had a sip yesterday. It was strong and “tasted like alcohol” he said. “How do people drink it?”

Today, as I looked at it to admire the progression of caramel-brown diffusing through the clear alcohol, I took it out of the pantry with resolution.

“I’m going to try a sip.” I said stalwartly.

BT chuckled.

I poured a minuscular sip into a plastic container BT handed me from the dishrack (we’re so fancy).

I then took a “nibble”, if that were possible, of the sippiest sip. It was probably like 3 dropper-drops worth.

The reaction was severe though.

First: FUMES

Second: What the heck are they thinking? This tastes just like isopropyl alcohol!

Third: Am I sure this isn’t? Did they just sell me rubbing alcohol? Can they do that? Is this safe? gag reflex

Fourth: Nope, nope, it isn’t just like isopropyl alcohol – I’m presuming – it has a deeper flavor.


Sixth: GAh! *cough cough* *gag* Like what is this?

My brain was screaming at me the whole time – “It’s pure fumes and burning!” I didn’t think I could have such a strong reaction to anything, but there I was coughing and hacking.

It burned and I couldn’t stop coughing. Nothing about me wanted to swallow the noxious stuff.

So there you go! My first sip of vodka ever, lol. It was an interesting experience. Nothing against vodka, itself, but for me, who doesn’t like Queen Anne cherries or Rum Cake, even, well, vodka was not very pleasant! 🙂


Have you ever tried vodka?

Have you ever had any funny experiences with trying a new drink of any sort?



Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

3 thoughts on “My First Sip of Vodka

  1. Vodka isn’t the best liquor to drink straight up – you need to add a mixer to it! 🙂 My favorite is Sprite/7-Up but cranberry juice is good too. There’s lots of great flavoured vodkas out there too!

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