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Song Tag & Lyrical Lyric Poem

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tumblr_not7bdzJFl1tmuyz5o1_400.jpgI know I need You

I can hold my breath

Hit me with your hurricane


Under your spell again

I remember when your head caught flame

It’s been a long day


What, whatever

Closing time

I think I’ve already lost you

‘Cause baby now we got bad blood


Wow! That was pretty cool – and astonishingly deep (for the variety of songs it came from)! Though I don’t know what it means, precisely….


I have a post I was working on for today, but I wanted to give it more time, so, since I’m tired but want to fulfill my self-promise I decided to do a music tag!

  1. My emotions can be described with Walking With Giants by Blondfire. I feel like I’m hanging on pretty well for this tired, and it’s rather bright in my head right now.
  2. Skip
  3. Dude. Wow, I actually have a lot of memories with music! They are all too jumbled to say, sorry.
  4. The piano – I want to be able to play pop songs from sheet music.
  5. Probably Riptide by Vance Joy
  6. Man, these are good questions! I don’t have any that made that progression, but I like some Taylor Swift songs from Speak Now, that are some of my favorites, but I didn’t use to like them so much at all.
  7. Spirit soundtrack
  8. I have too many that I like! Colbie Caillat is one of my favs, though, because she seems to be like a good person, who likes to work stuff out in her own mind, too.
  9. I don’t understand the question?…
  10. I like Linkin Park as a music celebrity, because I think his backstory is so full of perseverance/resilience.
  11. My best friends have good taste, I’d say, from what I know!
  12. Oh gosh, I was Skyping with my friend and I had my Pandora on to keep me calm and when Maroon 5 came on, I was like, “Do you hear that?” to make sure she couldn’t hear my Pandora playing “Misery” one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs! Lol, I would have been so embarrassed! (I later told this story to my Mom, and I ended up singing the entire chorus for her, to illustrate what it was about and why I liked it. So much for hiding my odd song preferences. It’s actually now one of my favorite memories, singing the chorus full blast – despite my singing abilities and concerns about whether or not it would be well-receieved – and she understood – she was like “It’s catchy – and you said it’s a sad song?” and I’m like, “I know, it’s sad and yet it’s bouncy, like wha?”)
  13. Kesha
  14. I’m listening to See You Again, right now, but before I started writing I’d heard “The Secret Life of a Hamster” song from Rhett and Link.
  15. This would be inaccurate since I don’t use my iTunes much, keep my non-song recordings on there, and just loaded a CD on there…
  16. Oh gosh. Either Run or You Could Be Happy usually make me cry (by Snow Patrol).
  17. I don’t know I have 1 fav, I don’t think, sorry…
  18. I always think of BT who does not like the Shuffle feature at all!


What are some songs or artists you like?


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