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The Christmas Tree

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One time we cut a fresh-cut Christmas tree.

We all set out, roaming the earthen aisles, Rimfire leading the way on leash.

I picked out a small lonely tree in the middle of a bare lot.

BT picked out a majestic blue tree (blue spruce, I believe) with a funny top, which endeared him, and us, to it.

After much deliberation (and they are sold by the foot, so I’m sure the small one appealed to my very sparing financial brain), we picked the blue tree.

We thought, when else are we going to be able to pick a unique, specialty species as our Christmas tree, eh?

We told them our choice, they handed us a saw.

We took turns sprawling out on the land, reaching for the trunk and sawing through it. Branches pricked our face, and hid our torsos making us look like headless lumberjacks.

I even took a turn as someone else held Rimfire.

When we finished, the tree-farm owners took a picture of a very proud and happy us with our very proud tree.

They then took the tree, and shook extra needles off of it, and we brought it home on top of our car.

We then brought it inside, and set it up in the living room.

The next step belonged to BT and I – we got to decorate the tree.

BT was so proud of his tree, I gave him point on picking the color. We settled on blue lights.

He and I spruced up that beautiful tree. With him on one side, and I on the other, we passed the lights around and around the tree, getting deep on the branches to place it just right.

I believe we ran out of the blue and attached a string of white to it.

We worked together so well, cooperating lighting that tree. It was terrific fun!

By the time we were done garnishing it, we were tired, but happy. Turning off the lights and looking at the finished product dazzled all of us, despite us two having stared at it for so long. It was beautiful.

It was as if at that moment, and many times we looked at it afterwards, we couldn’t remember anything prettier than it. We didn’t know why, it just looked so perfect.

Exhausted, BT and decided to stop and go on with our night. We went to wash some stickiness off our hands….And our arms…And our jacket?

The stickiness was everywhere we’d touched the tree. And soap didn’t move it!

Surprised we exited the bathroom and asked advice from Mom.

“What?” She didn’t know what to do either. She’d never had this happen.

The sap was prohibitively sticky all over our hands and arms – worse on BT who’d really gotten down and into the tree! We couldn’t decide whether to regret that action or to laugh at it.

It took several internet remedies, but we eventually got enough sap off of our hands & arms to live.

When we went to take off the Christmas lights, we were prepared. But, we still laughed when we unlooped the lights and found the cords all gummy. Completely covered in the tacky stuff.

To this day, we know which lights we used on that Christmas tree.

Even though I got chillblains that year and was freezing so much I was very happy that year. I remember the getting and decorating of that tree as the exemplar of what that December felt like.

We went back to that tree farm again (but did not get a blue one).

(I want to show pictures tomorrow! I couldn’t get to them today…)


I have a question – are Christmas lights referred to as fairy lights in Britain?


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