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Day 18 – Random Star-Themed Facts About Me


I like stars. They are one of my favorite things!

I like stargazing – that is if stargazing is taking any chance I have to look at the sky.

A song I like - and this is what I thought of when heard it even before seeing this. :)

A song I like – and this is what I thought of when heard it even before seeing this. 🙂

One time we got a tip that there was an awesome part to see stars, and so we did. Just stop somewhere between one town and another. We did, and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Never had I seen so many stars so bright.

My favorite constellation is the 7 sisters. I think I like that when I looked up one time a couple years ago, when I guessed “Is that the 7 sisters?” I was right, and I think I also like how you can see best them when you don’t look at them.0bd41ebe9b8dadf9e0f90fdd74492ece

I always seem to take a deep breath and feel better when I look so far out at them. I love that.

I wonder if dogs look at the sky. I always notice Rimfire smelling the ground or catching the air-wave’s scent, as I look at the tree-line and sky. And it seems their necks do not facilitate a comfortable viewing of the sky.

I don’t like the theory (or is a fact/law?) that the starlight we see is from long ago. I told BT this and he restated it in a more understandable and okay to me way, but the first several times I heard it, I found it an unwelcome idea.

I love how some are white, while others feature & flash several different colors.


That the first star you see is actually a planet is about the only fact I know about stars. For liking them so much, I like to look at them, much more than I like to learn about them. 🙂


What part of night do you like best?



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2 thoughts on “Day 18 – Random Star-Themed Facts About Me

  1. I love the quiet serenity 😊


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