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A Day of It – Yesterday

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So, it started that morning.

My ride to my test – BT – is not, I repeat not, a morning person. But my test time was making them get up early.

There’s been a few times where they’ve overslept and they’ve been like “Why didn’t you wake me?!?” and I’m like… because, you like sleeping?

So, I’ve got the repeated encouragement to give ’em a wake up call if I think he’s not awake when I think he wants to be.

Ten minutes before we were supposed to leave, and he wasn’t up.

Knock knock.


“Do you know that it’s 10 minutes till?” I said.

“Ye-aaah.” Like, “Of course. Why do you think you need to tell me?”

When I come back from getting Rimfire settled, he’s like “Of course I didn’t know. “Oh yeah, I know” he said mocking himself. IT TAKES ME 10 MINUTES TO GET DRESSED. I know it’s 10 till, but… agh!”

He apologized again in the car.

And then again, “‘Yeah, I know!’ No, no, I didn’t. Why am I being an ass again?”

On a quick stop on the way to the test, I wanted to put some music on. But what?

I realized I had a music swell running through my head, and that piece of music was what was making me want to put music on. Wait, I know that swell! It’s Last of the Mohicans!!

I started it playing, and BT came back to the car.

“WOAH. NICE.” He said. “Let’s make taking this test h-EPIC!!!” he said, changing his voice on the last word to a subdued husky shout. “Once more into the breach!”

Then he said, as we pulled out, “We SHOULD do that!!!”

Do what? I thought.

“Soldier’s lying on a field, his guts spilling out, ‘Mommy! Mommy’…. ‘The math is too hard!’ Standing on a field — failure — all around.”

Aw, man, and then he had an epic speech, my brain said it’d remember, but I don’t.

“Oh! And then have you, clones of you, armed with a calculator and a pencil spear.”

It was awesome, and though I didn’t know where he was going with the first sentence, I followed him at the end. I thought it would be a totally cool idea. 🙂

The test itself went well, and BT had already had the idea of burning some textbooks no one could use, that night. We’d already tried to donate them and other things, but too old, and too boring (Management Strategies, Dynamic Leadership, Workbooks)…

“What better way to celebrate finishing a test than burning textbooks?” he said, though the actual doing of the deed we all winced at.

While we were in the town the test was in though, we went shopping.

(After Starbucks! 🙂 )

We even strolled around PetSmart – though my family doesn’t like pet stores, rescues, etc., because of the smell – and we planned out dog clothes. Practical dog clothes. A type of conversation I would not expect to have with either of us who deign to come down to the level usually associated with dressing up one’s dog. Like the – You’re dog is NOT a human, level.

Anyways, it was cool talking with him about it, and seeing what collar he thought would be best for Rimfire.

Returning home, we wanted to spend some time outside, so after doodling on my laptop while lounging on my bed, we played frisbee. Which was great fun.

Then we had the fire.

I had a chocolate croissant from Starbucks, PB & J for lunch, smores for dinner. It was an epic treat day. I ate foods I hadn’t had forever, played outside which is my favorite thing to do, had a fire, and had a great time with my family.

Then we read some Christmas short stories.

BT and returned home to get dinner or whatever. He showed me a book that was beyond cute and clever. It was so awesome I couldn’t handle it. “Bats at the Beach” was it. It was a great delivery system that BT would read the words and then show me the illustration, and yes, it’s a kid’s book, but the illustration was sooo clever and adorable!!!

We watched an X-files, and I went to sleep to Inspector Lewis.

Test. Over.

Day. Awesome.



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