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Questions I Have for British People

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I have some questions for my British readers or British-knowledgeable readers. These have come about from reading some of the lovely blogs I follow written by British people, browsing on Pinterest and the lots of British television I consume.

So, I’m really trying not to single you out… it just happened I got a lot of British-themed questions stacking up, and didn’t want to assume one way or other until I got the facts straight, so thought maybe I should post it here and ask those who would be an authority on the subject?

1. Is there non-chilled dairy? I saw a pin on Pinterest and it was completely not the point, but someone was standing in a grocery store, and above them it had a large sign indicating “Chilled Dairy”, and it prompted me thinking, “Is there non-chilled dairy? besides boxed/canned milk?” Not here, but ‘bagged milk’ has shown me Americans don’t know everything ’bout dairy!
2. Do you call what Americans call “Christmas lights”, “Fairy lights”? I’ve seen that a couple times in my reading… and I think that’s such an awesome, accurate name for them!


3. I have this question reminded to me just about every night as I watch Endeavour – Are half idioms or phrases, left uncompleted, common among everyday speech? “Keep an eye.” meaning “Keep an eye on him” or “Needs must.” meaning… well, I’m not sure the whole idiom DCI Thursday was meaning. I love it (it’s like a mini-puzzle), but I was thinking maybe it was just the writer of Endeavour and Inspector Lewis’s way of speech, and not actually common.

As far as I can tell, BBC puts out a lot more high-quality television than many other networks producing original content. And even if they have an equal fail-rate as the comparative networks, it seems that their high-quality is far-surpassing and out of sight of many other TV series out there.

4. Is BBC television considered amazing over in Britain, or is it “of course it’s good” but not “Ah-maze-ing”, because that is the caliber you see all the time, or do you prefer other television?

6. Not to be talking about TV for so long, but I’ve also wondered… Do you watch a lot of British shows, or do you watch a lot of American (or other) shows?

I watch Midsomer Murders, Foyle’s War, Sherlock, Endeavour, Fawlty Towers, Downton Abbey… when I just “put something on” it’s Breathless, Inspector Lewis… We like One Foot in the Grave, Boy Called Moon, Keeping Up Appearances… There are few BBC shows that I won’t watch, and (like Breathless) I don’t like it, but it’s not bad, so far. So it seems to me that for being American I watch a lot of British TV, and so I wondered if the reverse was true?

Thank you for any light you can shed on these questions I’ve wondered about for so long!


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