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The “Invade My Privacy” Survey, lol

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Survey from here.

1. What song (if any) are you listening to?

River by Sarah Machlachlan – the song I bought the album (Wintersong) for. I ended up liking the rest of the album, too!

2. How many followers do you have?

I’m so humbled to have 174 followers!

3. How many are you following?

I am following 62 lovely blogs. Not all of them are currently posting, so it’s probably around 50 active blogs.

4. What are you wearing?

I’m wearing a dress! It’s black with pink rimming, really cool.

5. What are the most recent three websites in your history (Tumblr, or in this case WordPress, doesn’t count)?

In that case: Twitter, Buzzfeed & Wikipedia.

6. What is your most recent download?

Silverlight (for watching Prime with).

7. What does your last incoming text message say?

It’s an SMS informing me a book is ready to pick up from the library. (That I’d completely forgot I’d ordered, just last night!)

8. Last outgoing?

Yes. (That’s the entirety of my last outgoing text XD – Unusual for me to say something so short!)

9. What was the last thing you had in your mouth?

Orange Spice tea…

10. What’s the first URL that pops up into your search bar when you type A (or another letter)?

11. What do you smell right now?

The pleasant smell of moisturizer, kind of powdery, kind of clean.

12. How many tabs/different windows do you have open at this very moment?

7! Three tabs on this Window, my Mail window, a Safari window with Twitter, a Safari window with the Transcription Center and my ‘Notes’. Oh, and the preview window of the survey I copied.

13. Paste the contents of your clipboard now!

Idk what this is…

14. Whats the filename of the most recently deleted item in your recycle bin?

3e82c9270b73c10c8c54da43ad199b26 – it’s a survey I deleted because I’d completed it…

15. [Any other invasive question?]

How much battery does your laptop have left? My computer is currently at 7% power.

I thought this survey looked like fun – especially because sometimes I’ve been curious about like what url may come up when I start typing, or things like that.

And they are more funny & detailed than invasive 🙂


A question from above!


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