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Day 23 – Slumbering Dog

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Song of the day – The Cello Song

We seem to be on a classical bend, as we listened to Henry Mancini earlier…

Anyways. This is a so-far untitled post since I have no clue what I’m going to talk about.

Since once again I’ve started thinking and writing at 10pm (which has the advantage of me unneccessarily worrying over my words less), I feel less like posting something deep.

But my revelation today was a theory – something that explains my brain’s whole way of thinking of life.

And then other than that I was productive and chill. Completing everything off my task list while watching TV shows and YouTube…

Then I went to a party with my family and had a swell time.

I have a post where I just want to ask you questions because I’m so curious, but I wonder if turning the tables like that is fair? I mean you come here to read, maybe you don’t feel like speaking at the moment.

Well my questions are What are your favorite Christmas albums? What holiday movies do you most enjoy? Why? and What tradition do you do on Christmas and who started it?

If you feel like sharing, please do! I would love to discover new albums and hear about your Christmas pasts.

Okay – I have an idea!

What am I seeing?

I love writing these – (whether they are good to read is a different matter…)

I’m seeing my dogs frosty-ringed eyes, closed in slumber. His once dark fur whitened in age.

He opens a glistening eye to check on me before softly reclosing it.

The brown plush blanket drooped over him is right where I left it, but he’s uncurled slightly, moving his elbow and arm tucked outside it in a cute, lazy kink.

His ears are relaxed, neither alert nor drawn back in fear.

I hastily pull out my ear buds as a loud obnoxious voice is piped over them.

I hear the soft snore of Rimfire.

A sudden tiny creak awakens him.

His eyes pop open – wide. White is visible immediately. ‘What, what?’ I see his eyes searching.

Crisis evaluated, he stretches out his bent elbow and goes to rest again. His arm slightly outstretched and barely touching a distant fold in the blanket.

I’ve got beautiful music playing over my pink earbuds placed back in position. They have a sensitive connection, that is tenuous and doesn’t work when it’s tapped and they are slightly shifted, but when they work they sound great. From The Piano Guys to 2 Cellos, to Train’s Marry Me, all is peace in the world surrounded by plush brown blankets, faux-fur-plush lined oversize cream coats, and tan walls of this small abode where everyone’s turned in early.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I wonder how we are going to face it. But I know whatever it is, it will be together.

(BTW, I don’t have a picture for this post, but my header could serve as an illustration, for it features Rimfire! 🙂 )


What are you seeing? 🙂



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