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Sleeping in the Cold

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I didn’t post yesterday, I’m sorry.

Day 24 – the streak ends!

Anyways, I’m here this morning with a silly tale of woe, that before I say anything more, I want you to know


Last night, our heating system stopped working.

I kept getting colder and colder thinking, “It must come on soon.” I also am usually a little bit cold at nights, so I thought maybe I should just wait, maybe I’m still warming up my blankets…

I wasn’t.

As I waited and waited, the temperature kept dropping.

And what I feel worst about is that Rimfire felt alll of this. He gets cold at 60 degrees!! What he must have gone through in this night-long process is something I feel really bad about.

He is his usual genial self, this morning, though.

When I finally heard the malfunctioning heater, I shivered out of bed and into the kitchen where I keep the thermometer.

Internal temperature – 40 degrees fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius)


I mean brrrrrr. Like how did I let it go on this long??? I had two fingers that were hurting from the cold.

I grabbed Rimfire – who was so trembly, my goodness – and went over to my friend’s who keeps her place warm. 70 degrees F warm… 🙂 🙂 Mmm…

Knowing what my place is like, if I get too cold, I’m welcome to come over.

So I did.

“What’s wrong?” she said when I walked in the door.

I was like, Well I’m just cold right? But I realized it was much more than that. My entire body was now shivering. Why wasn’t it before? I felt shaky as all get out.

She quickly ushered us to a warm bed with down blankets, fleecy blankets, faux-mink blankets, and I included my own Winter blanket I’d brought.

Rimfire snuggled up with her while I tried to get warm under the four blankets.

It took me a long time.

A surprisingly long time.

And boy was I hungry!

I woke up this morning feeling like my entire midsection had gone through a brutal workout, I was catching a cold, and why does my face feel like it’s grumpy? Like, I’m not smiling, I’m just living.

I took Rimfire out and while he enjoyed rubbing in the grass, I just stood there. In my giant white fuzzy coat in the full sun.

Yes. I’m still cold.

And suuuuuper hungry. And my throat is slightly sore.

I never knew any ill effects would surface from sleeping at above-freezing temperatures for a few hours (with 3 blankets, too). But I’m suddenly very sad that homeless people didn’t have anywhere to sleep and they had to go through that night, and every other, just the way it was.

I never knew it felt so bad.

And I’m also glad the cats have our house to sleep under. Because, if everyone experiences the same side effects I do, I don’t want anyone going through that.

I’m off to have a cup of tea, and try to psych myself out of this doldrum facial set I have. You’re happy! It’s sunny! Let’s live life!


Do you have any temperature-related stories to tell?

P.S. — A few minutes after posting this, and I finally smiled!! 😀 (How does this feel like a milestone?)


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