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Get Re-Psyched Mix

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(Title based off HIMYM’s “Get Psyched Mix” Barney planned on playing as they went to a party or parade or something. 🙂 )



I don’t know how to process other people’s anger when it’s misdirected.

I can usually step inside someone else’s thinking and understand what they are saying, why they are saying and what they are hoping to achieve. If I’m starting to feel hopelessly lost in a conversation, then this is what I’ll do.

But I just can’t get angry people.

What’s the use of being upset that when you click nothing happens?

What’s the point of lashing out at an inanimate object for not working?

Why do you get frustrated and yet keep doing the same thing and just get angrier at it and not yourself?

When people get angry, I see ways around it – I start troubleshooting in these situations, often coming up with several answers. Or cry. Sometimes I’ve cried because of my hair on hopeless days when I feel really down.

What troubles me is that while I’m coming up with answers, they don’t want them.

Angry people are angry at a problem they don’t want to be a problem, but also don’t want a solution to.

This happened earlier, and eventually the thwarted party gave up and decided to go and do something they could do.

Leaving me happy they didn’t push the point, but also not knowing what to feel.

So I decided to play Pandora.

After all, they left so I could start my night and watch a movie, (so we could send it back and get Hogfather), so they at least did not want me sit and wallow in their sorrow…


Solution!: Play Pandora and see if they have some songs to meet my mood and take it elsewhere.

It is my opinion that getting songs that help with this set of circumstances is difficult. So either I’m wrong on this, or Pandora did indeed play a great set for this!

So here is my get Re-Psyched Mix. 🙂

The “For when you aren’t angry, but someone else was, but they don’t want to be angry and they don’t want you to feel that way either” mix.

(Songs in this mixed liked mostly based on melody and sound. Not necessarily genre, or lyrics.)

  1. Red (Taylor Swift – this was perfect!)
  2. Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer – probably the weakest one in here, but it still worked. 🙂 )
  3. Bad Day (Daniel Powter)
  4. Chicken-Fried (Zac Brown Band)

I hope you have had a good Monday!!


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