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Tell Me Something Good — Blog Edition!

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I took this photo a few days ago. I liked how there was so much water on the ground making trails and the tree and sky reflected in the puddle. 🙂

So… after going to bed at 2am last night, I’m tired! XD

I was thinking about posting ‘current favorites’ but then I thought the essence of it would be talking about cool stuff which then reminded me of the “Tell Me Something Good” radio segment.

Tell me something good:

At my job’s White Elephant yesterday the theme was “inspirational or motivational gifts”. #9 stole my gift and I took the one she brought and both were perfect fits for us. I got a “Gratitude Journal” (‘wrapped’ in a Folger’s can, so it smells great) with peppermint kisses!

I found a gift for that category though I didn’t really know what to do for “inspiration” at first. BT found a bead that said “Slay Your Own Dragons” and he handed it to me and said “There.” And I combined it with a bead that said “Just Breathe” with a dandelion on it. I liked both sayings, and the quality/weight of them. They ended up going to a semi-friend of mine and she still doesn’t know I picked them.

BT and I found the fandom central of beads at Hobby Lobby. It was so cool looking at all these beads and every time you thought it was as good as it could be, it was better. For example they had a quiver bead (I know I’m saying bead, but I guess they are like charms…) and it had one arrow in it. “It must be fastened” I said and thought, and we both sighed on the inside. I went to wiggle it and it swirled around the quiver. “Coool” we both exclaimed. Feeling its looseness, I took it further and found the arrow came out! It was on a chain and could come out of the quiver. It was so cool!

I plan on making gingerbread tomorrow as a surprise to my family, and I already have molasses! LOL, for a while, that was always the ingredient we didn’t have, but the last few times we’ve had it on hand!

Rhett and Link put Christmas lights and everything up on the GMM set and it looks so cheery!!

I took Rimfire for a short walk in the dim early-evening light tonight (it gets dark so early, doesn’t it?!)

BT brought some homemade coffee cake from work. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow! He says it’s amazing.

I got all my work done so for the next couple days, I’ll be able to take off without a care or worry! 😀


Tell me something good in your life, or that’s happened to you! 😀


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