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“Go! Go find your own spot this is Bread’s* and I’s spot… this is Bread & my spot.. this is Breads and mine…. You see? It’s really hard! And people look at me weird, but…”

“Yeah, it’s not Bread’s and mine spot – mine spot! lol – it’s ‘my spot’…” I chime in.

BT nods. He went from conveying a quick anecdote to remembering this pestering grammar problem.

“I’ve never found a solution to it, either!” He adds.

I’m already researching something so I add this on a new window as he gathers his last few things before heading out the door. My first search “blank and my noun” yields nothing, so I try an oddball, as my time is running short, and sometimes these “vernacular” (how people might ask tricky questions fed up with trying to “properly” state the search) work really well and produce answers from people encountering the same difficulty. I search instead “how to say ours”, which brings up this video.

I cannot ignore my curiousity – partly because I wonder if it will be pronounced correctly in the video – and click on it, and let it play.

“This is how you pronounce ‘ours’…” a computerized voice starts (though it sounds more like “arrs”) — “ours. ours. ours,” it continues.

BT has stopped gathering his stuff. “What is that?” he asks.

He stands beside me craning to take a look, holding his umbrella aloft over the couch; bag, slung over his shoulder. “It’s a video saying how to pronounce “ours”” I say.

“Ours.” The computerized voice repeats.

His face starts to transform, I start laughing, and lose it when, dumbfounded, he drops his umbrella from his hand – his shock and wonder mirrors my own.

As the computer repeats itself, he looks on in horrified wonder. His mouth turns into a perfect oval as he can’t decide to laugh, run away, or marvel. I’m laughing so much because his reaction is something I’ve never seen before, and priceless.

As the simple video finishes, he hurries on out, and says — even as I bring up Twitter to see if I will share this silly story there (or chicken out again, as I often do 🙂 ) — “That’s something you should blog!”

So here I am sharing this little silly tidbit with you. And this video of how to say “ours.”

(Though, if you have a solution for how to say “someone and my’s ____” we would welcome the input!)

*name changed for privacy

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Have you ever found something that shocked you but didn’t know why?

What is something funny that happened to you today? 🙂

Do you miss me blogging everyday? I seem to go very frequent or very infrequent, and not so good at in betweens, while simultaneously unsure about what’s best for my readership!


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