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Rainy Day Gratefuls

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I’m sitting here on a gray rainy day with a cup of propietary hot drink, happy.


And whenever I’m happy, I go into a hyper-analyzing mode (while looking chill on the surface) to find out why, and whether it’s okay for me to be happy.


Well, this time, I’m just going to list the things that are contributing to meine happiness atm (read: my happiness, at the moment), instead of criticizing myself for feeling great when I know there are others who don’t.


1. My mug: Picked and bought for me by my mom on a recent trip.

2. The drink: Saved by a dash of salt that brought out the cocoa…. odd. (A blend of 2 decaf coffees, a heated 1/2 cup of almond milk, spoonful of Hershey’s cocoa, Truvia, stevia drops, and a dash of sea salt.)

3. My sweater: After walking around all morning with a blanket draped precariously over my shoulders, I finally grabbed a sweater – my favorite foul-weather day sweater, with thick cable knitting, that keeps out the wind, and gives a layer from the rain, in a bright pastel purple. And it doesn’t fall off like the blanket.

4. Being awake: A few minutes ago I was tired, and sluggish. The excitement of creating a drink awakened my brain, and now I get to sit here drinking it, instead of chastising myself to stay awake.

Beyond the moment:

5. My friends: real, and virtual: Yeah, virtual friends sound weird – I wouldn’t believe myself – but some of the Forever-fighters have gotten really close. It’s really awesome, and everyone’s highs and lows are shared, Forever is fought for, and people can speak their minds, and keep up hope. Interaction with people is really key, and for something so virtual and ethereal as a second Season of a TV show and an online chat, it’s really quite real, and these people make my day very often. 🙂

Plus, I’m very blessed to have friends irl. Friends who have been friends with me for as long as I knew them. Never will I lose my appreciation for them and their stubborness to remain friends with me through the MANY changes in my life.

6. A job: There are a lot of jobs out there – and a lot of lack of jobs out there. I have a job, and it’s awesome. While dreaming of far-flung hopes, I can work a lot. I love to work, and I don’t care about the pay, and so this job is a great fit. I have a job – Yay! The job likes me – Yay! I like my job – Yay! (The only thing I wish is that I could adopt more animals, but while able to bring Rimfire to work which is A+, I cannot have any more pets, because I can’t afford them on this salary.)

7. Time to find direction while still doing stuff, but having time to think at the same time: College, career, just my own brain – it’s a lot to figure out. I’m finally at a place where I can have time to breathe and figure it out – slowly enough to be smart, and yet not being stagnant (THE WORST.)

8. Health: We took Rimfire to the vet yesterday, and he cleared his follow-up test – he isn’t anemic! I’m healthy. My family is healthy. We’re all in good health! 🙂

9. Dreams. I’m really thankful for these. Sometimes I realize the importance of hope, and of dreams. They can transport you to another place – one you haven’t seen before, maybe – and say “This is not all there is.” Not all of them will become reality, but they can get you out of your current rut, situation, or travesties, because you know even if you don’t see, there is something else.


What are you thankful for today?

What’s the weather like where you live?

P.S. – Yes I am aware that I am TERRRIBLE at replying to comments, leaving comments, general back-and-forth. I don’t know why, and apologizing doesn’t make up for it. But if you are waiting on me – do not despair, I will get there… eventually. I want to get there, but …. Yep, you are NOT forgotten or back-burnered.



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