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The Great Vanilla Experiment! :D – Update


A few months ago I bought some vodka and vanilla beans to recreate something I’d seen done several years ago. It had worked then, but we’d also let it set for a year or so before using it.

That first time it was wine-bottle amount of vodka as this with a single vanilla bean dropped in and we let it set for a year.

I took 375 mils of vodka and 2 vanilla beans and let it sit in the pantry (while eagerly checking on it every few days or weeks.)

I was so excited about this venture which is kind of funny. But apparently it was infectious because BT seemed just as curious to see if it would work and excited as the color slowly deepened.

Although it doesn’t smell or look quite as strong as usual vanilla extract, it’s been working great in recipes already!

For $7 of vodka and $3 of vanilla beans for 12.6 oz (175 mls) of “vanilla extract” it’s quite a savings which is what I was hoping for because I can go through a $2 (for a tiny McCormick bottle) or $7 to splurge on the organic strong vanilla extract (probably 4 oz) in no time flat!

I’m super glad this worked – it frees me up to bake some more. And also it was quite a fun experiment! (Although since I was 90% sure it’d work, I’m not sure that is the right word?)

Straight on Vanilla

Photo on 3-1-16 at 12.26 PM #2


What is your favorite recipe to bake/make?


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5 thoughts on “The Great Vanilla Experiment! :D – Update

  1. I love flavoured vodka – this is a genius idea! Does it taste like normal vanilla vodka?


  2. Way to make your own!

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