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My Haircare Routine

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Okay, so there were a LOT of things that were terrible about having an eating disorder.

But one of the most annoying was my hair. While I felt good, had plenty of energy, and didn’t feel much pain – bodily. * (My brain, of course was going through the torture chamber of the ages. ED’s are NOT good, or okay. AND YES YOU CAN BE FINE. NORMAL after restrictive eating actually exists despite people telling you it doesn’t.)

*sentence finishes here: My hair looked baahd, and felt terrible. I didn’t know what was up.

Then as I worked hard and nursed my body back to health, my hair seemed to be lagging behind.

It still looked frizzy, dry and poofy.

Lots of internet searches, experimentation, and random things I picked up along the way, I am super happy with what’s happened recently! And it had nothing to do with my diet; that really was going okay.

  • Desert Essence Shampoo (Fragrance Free is my favorite)
  • Hair turban (or bath towel used turban style)
  • Shower comb
  • Desert Essence Shine & Refine Coconut Lotion
  • Argan Oil hair serum

I shampoo my scalp, primarily, with the shampoo. With the Desert Essence shampoo I occasionally will work on the rest of my hair with the shampoo, but I don’t really shampoo it the same. (By the way, I shower every 3-4 days.)

After I’ve showered, I put my hair up in the hair turban and let it dry 1/2 way. Basically, once the turban is soaked, I remove it, and my hair is no longer drippy.

I either put the conditioner on at this point, or after I take my hair down the next day.

I comb out my hair with a wide-tooth shower comb, or leave it with what would seem to be a lot of tangles, but surprisingly, not, and braid it at this point. (1 or two braids)

The next day, I’ll undo my braids. (Or if I undo my braids that day — like I shower in the morning, and get tired of my hair in braids, that night I redo a single loose braid.)

Then I smooth in some conditioner (optional, but handy every 2-3 showers.)

With all these steps done, I’m done.

The silly thing I’ve learned is that I don’t need to brush my hair. Nobody even notices my unbrushed hair. I know that this is common-ish knowledge for those with curly hair. I didn’t know it was a thing for wavy hair.

frizzy hair

I saw this on Pinterest after I started doing this and was like “Ah! It’s a thing!!”


Once I’ve braided my hair and let it out, I sometimes comb through it, or kind of “pat” it with my comb to separate it some, but the last couple months I’ve learned it looks really great and healthy with no brushing.

I wake up, undo my braid, or style it — put in a headband, put it in a ponytail — and walk out the door. It feels weird going out with my hair untouched, but when I catch sight of it, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s finally healthy again. Well, it was healthy before, but it still looked rough.

In the words of BT, when his coworker complimented my hair (the first week I started doing this routine)

Coworker: You have beautiful hair!

BT: (quoting the Eagle has Landed) Most of the time.

Which is pretty similar and actually more upbeat than the response I had planned.


Okay, so yeah, I’ve talked over this for a while, but mainly because I went from every day not knowing what I could do with my bushy, dry-looking puffy hair to having soft manageable waves, without doing anything drastic. And that’s so cool to me! (Plus, bonus — low maintenance in the extreme, and very inexpensive! 😀 ) I was starting to lose hope, and be really confused as to what I should do since I have very long hair, that if it looks unkempt is really noticeable, so I wanted to share my discoveries! 😀


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