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A Walk, a Hawk, and… Well that’s rather it.

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A friend once commented how she enjoyed my posts about my walks, so midway through my last walk I remembered this, and so while Rimfire is panting and enjoying the semi-cooled inside air, I’ll tell you about it. 🙂

I decided to take a “nice” stroll through our trailed-woods. Rimfire caught my drift and we took off in a run (because we don’t get enough cardio) to the woods. It was rather plop-plop-plop for the first bit, but by the time Rimfire decided he wanted to mark a tree I’d soothed into a smooth rhythm.

For one of the few times we’d done this run to the woods, I was able to slow down my trajectory so I didn’t yank his neck.

I took a breather, and Rimfire bolted off, but I stayed behind opting to walk this bit.

It was then, as we entered the woods, I remembered the last time I’d walked in woods – not these, but still. The snake.

Even though I wanted to enjoy the woods and the greenery around me, for both our sakes I kept a weather eye on the ground scanning for wildlife we should avoid.

Despite my wariness, I took the longer, more wild trail, and it wasn’t till I was back at the main trail’s connection that I saw my first fauna. A bird flew up from the underbrush.

I dropped my jaw and crept closer, quietly, after scanning the location Rimfire was wandering off to.

It was! It was that falcon I’d spotted the other day in our neighbor’s yard.

So cool.

That was when I heard to my right a rustling in the underbrush and spied a lean black, moist head wrapping around a tree. It could be a snake, albeit a disfigured snake.

I could run back and get back to civilization and perhaps spare both our lives, or I could investigate.

I drift towards the main path on my left, before rationalizing that I was actually rather distant from the being and I could stay far enough away I can check out the mysterious creature, find out what it was and bonus! continue out the way I was originally intending.

I did that.

It was a laid out black frog like thing, and I surmised that maybe he had been the hawk’s prey before I happened on them.

I ran past it holding Rimfire, only to find myself actually lost. I took the loop again, passing the frog, and chose the right direction this time. I’d forgotten I’d taken the optional path, and that had thrown off my sense of direction.

When I had the trail’s exit in my mind’s eye’s sites, I put Rimfire down, and we bolted for the clearing that was the path’s end.

So as not to alert the dwellings immediately at the trail’s end/beginning I slowed down before then.

Danger averted. Bug bites collected. Heart pounding a bit.

I kept Rimfire somewhat close, as these dwellings usually had big dogs they let outside and it was so again, this time. It was a new dog I hadn’t seen out on a chain – I hoped.

He hopped off the deck and approached the road Rimfire and I were walking down. I heard the dog utter a growl.

Since the first time I heard Rimfire growl, I’ve realized that to my ears there is nothing quite so ominous as a dog’s growl. I’d picked Rimfire up already, but now I looked at him and covered his eyes which he was using to gaze directly at the bigger dog. “Stop it.” I said gently, and I felt the other dog relax. We passed and I put Rimfire down.

It was then he decided he had to go, and I saw our landlord approaching.

It’s always kind of awkward, I feel, when you make eye contact with someone as your dog poops. And it was bound to happen as our landlord approached.

I made sure that the bag I was going to use was visible, and he passed with a friendly greeting I returned, and it was over.

As Rimfire and I walked off, we passed all our regular places without incident and it hit me how, even though the woods were so close and not at all what I would dub “wild”, how much safer it felt walking along these roads. And I started thinking on that when I realized I had “Drive By” going through my head.

I’d heard it this morning and I gave it little thought until I remembered I’d started a game in my head of “What Made Me Think Of That Song”. I smiled when I realized it had been when I got the bag in plain sight for our landlord’s benefit that the “Hefty bag to hold my lo-o-o-ove” verse had popped in my head.

Soon we passed by a place I’d always used to take Rimfire out at, before we’d moved within the same neighborhood. It amazed me how something that’d been so much a part of our neccessary routine had summarily slipped from my mind.

I didn’t fully form this thought as we passed by one of the most regal (that is in my head) looking lands and I took a look at the house that graced its presence. Light filtered through the trees and “that’s odd” I thought. Light was filtering everywhere else, but I didn’t notice it.

I followed it down until I saw the grill and concluded the grill must be on and the smoke was providing the pretty scene. I didn’t want to stare and so averted my eyes until our angle of passing the house narrowed and I could actually hear something popping on the grill 30 feet away. Satisfied, I nodded, but then immediately wondered what it was. Ah, but mystery is fine, fun even, and I just was glad nobody came out while I was admiring the pretty scene of grill and trees and light. 😀

Just keep walking just keep walking.

Finally we arrived by one of the lakes that Rimfire usually has a ball at (re-reading this, I realize this could be confusing – I mean it as “he has fun. 🙂 ) because of its large swaths of grass. Rimfire did have fun rolling in the grass and cooling off, but to my surprise he picked the grass that edged the road and was rather covered with clay and road-dust. I tried to incent him to come closer to the lake and up where the clean grass was in case he was just taking the first grass he could find because he thought I wouldn’t stop, but he was having none of it. Okay, then.

Ruefully, well not ruefully actually, I rubbed my bug bites and resisted itching them. I think I looked rueful as I squinted into the sun, and concentrated on not itching.

Near the end of the lake-bit, we paused under a tree which offered wonderful shade and waited for cars to pass before venturing back out in the road. Following a truck, I enjoyed the light scent of diesel exhaust, and squinted against the dust it had picked up, but it quickly dissipated.

We neared the end of that road, and passed the neighbor that lets me practice archery in their yard, and I asked Rimfire if he felt like a run up the hill. I wasn’t sure, but I did and as I hit the ground Rimfire did too, and zoomed ahead of me and we jogged up the short grassy knoll.

A short (1 foot, maybe) rock wall separates us from the main road after this, and I planned which rock I was going to step on while Rimfire didn’t catch my intention till right up to when I decided to cross over. Usually this means he’s either behind me and I call him over, or he decides way quicker and is swifter on his feet so he leaps over in a split-second before I’ve even started my hop over.

This time, though. He hit it a split second after I did and we were air-borne together and hit the ground at the opposite time in synchronized timing. It was epic and I laughed.

Rimfire was flagging in the sun, and we were making our way on our last leg of our much-shorter-than-it-sounds-actually walk – when I asked him which way, he kept on our usual way and I agreed. It’s not as shady, but it’s quicker.

I looked fore and aft. There was no one about.

Time for one last hurr-rahn. 😉

“Come on! Let’s go!” I called to him, as I spun back to face front after checking for vehicles (and anybody who’d see us…) I saw my ponytail in my shadow and thought I looked quite cool, and giggled at myself for thinking so, before we burst into a sprint home.

We probably don’t look cool, though I spied our shadows – and they did – as we run for the fun of it. Me, pounding the ground into oblivion and just hoping for the best as my foot lands, and him leading the fray panting and — well, no he looks cool – but it doesn’t matter. We go fast and we love it!

I take a few breaths before I go back inside and get my laptop to write this down.

It isn’t long before BT nitpicks and gets upset, retreating to be by himself and I feel weird not knowing what he’s thinking, but that’s life. Yay and negative thrown side by side and never knowing what’s next. 🙂



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