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“I Got You The Essentials”

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“I went shopping, and I know you just came back from a trip, so I tried to pick up the essentials.” BT rustled in the bag, and said, “Like… Here!” and he handed me a Kit-Kat. I chuckled.


“And… I picked up some ice cream, too. Because we didn’t have any. And it says” he found it and pointed to the text label, “‘Ice Cream’….”

I interjected, “Yeah, that’s one I can have and I like!” and grinned broadly.

“And I got cheese,” he pulled out a pound of Colby Jack, “And chicken you’re welcome to. I don’t normally buy a pound of cheese, but” he measured it with his hand, “That looks about right for the two of us sharing, eh?” and I affirmed.

I loved that he thought to buy me some food to help out with the post-trip empty pantry and that when he thought “essentials” he thought of buying a Kit-Kat and Ice Cream. 🙂

(In case you are wondering) – The history of the Kit-Kat and “ice cream” ice cream:

I’m allergic (in some form or other) to MSG, and have a history of an eating disorder. While under the influence of the eating disorder, I once discovered that Kit-Kat’s nutrition was way different from other candy bars and allowed them as a suitable treat.

I didn’t really grow up with candy, and I also discovered that out of all the candies (which — I like them all!) I really enjoy Kit-Kats. And because I still have trouble with sugar-balance I do like that Kit-Kats are not super high on the sugar-scale.

Once I recovered and discovered my allergy to MSG, my friends offered me some Kit-Kats and I read the wrapper fastidiously, expecting some form to leap out at me. To my glee, it was MSG free! With this discovery, they sent me home with 3. (It was accidental at first, but then I thought, keep telling the story, see how many other “eee’s” come up and rhyme! XD)

After this double-awesome factoid about Kit-Kats was revealed to my family, it has been common knowledge that the candy of choice for me is a Kit-Kat. (For my birthday 2 years ago, I was gifted a pinata full of Kit-Kats that had accidentally melted. I froze them, and they were awesome. I had a Kit-Kat with lunch most every day for months XD)

The other thing is Breyers ice cream is a pretty ‘free from most everything artificial’ food, but the cleanest are the flavors that say “Ice Cream” instead of “Frozen Dairy Dessert”. I also like the flavor better, since normally those flavors have only sugar and no corn syrup. The corn syrup does lend a smoothness, but the richer, somewhat-more-fake flavor is less preferred to me. I stick with the “milk, cream, sugar” recipes from them, which is when we re-discovered that they make an awesome vanilla and chocolate. The strawberry’s good, too. (P.S. – Mint Chocolate Chip is the other corn-syrup free ice cream from them). 🙂



What is your favorite candy and ice cream? Why?

What’s a nice gesture someone’s done for you after you got back from a trip?


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