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Not Pro Trump or Hillary?


Me neither.

For reasons, which I don’t think would do much good to go into nitty-gritty on my blog – because really, it ends up being so individual with lots of people *sure* they know what’s best, and I’m including myself totally in that crowd. I’m open, but, I also think that I know what’s good for this country.

Have you seen that TED talk about how Democrats and Republicans would work sooo well together if they worked together? Like Republicans with their budgeting prowess could help fund the ideals of Democrats (loosely the general idea, as I remember it, lol). I was like I hadn’t thought about it but YEAH! THAT’s my type of politics.

Anyways, there is no way I can support Trump for President. (Yeah. I’ll just leave it at that.)

But, I also don’t agree with Hillary Clinton’s policies….

I definitely wanted to vote, and I definitely wanted to make a difference if possible, but how? when I felt like there was no way to vote my conscience?

Well, BT and I accidentally had a talk about politics and what we felt the role of the government was and ended up with some surprising conclusions.

We have a lot of beliefs (again, not going to bog this down with that). But is it the government’s responsibility to enforce our beliefs? When you look at it this way, we realized, heck no!! So, really, we drew our ideals for who we were looking for in office to a person who would govern, not project. Someone who would enable the country to keep running without declaring how the people in it must live – as long as it didn’t prevent others from pursuit of “life, liberty and happiness.”

Ended up, this fit really well with the Libertarian view point. Really? I didn’t quite expect that.


I don’t agree with all Libertarian beliefs. I don’t think that just given the chance everyone would do the right thing (because, humans.) And I think the government preserving the environment is very important, because otherwise money does a great lot towards motivating people to destroy the things keeping everyone alive, and sometimes (environment-wise) we need an outside incentive to say “Don’t do that!! Here, I’ll show you” and if government doesn’t preserve the land, I don’t think we will. (not the best worded, but basically, yeah. I have more facets to this concept, but … I’ll probably talk about that later! :))

But otherwise, I think GOVERNMENT is there to… wow I got off topic.

Here’s what I wanted to say in this post. If you really don’t want to vote for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump *maybe* you’d like to look into Gov. Gary Johnson for president, because it gave me a whole lot of hope.

As for his chances? Surprisingly good. He leads polls for the Military, and millennials. He’s polling really well in various states, and in various groups. If Libertarians get 5% of the vote, they’ll automatically be included in all votes from now on, and get government funding. (Of course, we’re hoping he’ll actually win, but if even just 5% could achieve this, yay!)

So sure, I don’t agree with the Libertarians on everything. And I will probably continue to vote all over the board. But here’s what I love:

  • Their campaign is just a wee bit sassy (in a good way) and very fact-based in their promos and it’s hilariously awesome
  • They have (as far as I’ve seen) never once mudslinged in this election
  • They have put forth proof and reasons they should be included in the debates, but didn’t insist or whine when they weren’t, and and when they weren’t included, they live-tweeted during it instead
  • The idea of ‘govern yo’self’ appeals to me (now that I’ve rethought the role of government)
  • I’d actually be really happy (versus just like “let’s get through this” or “I guess I think they’d be good for the office”) if they got elected

So as this crazy, hair-raising election comes to a close, I thought I’d bring this up real quick in case it helped anyone else. 🙂


(P.S. As the only Libertarian in D.C., I think we would have no problem not going too far Libertarian, or in any lack of experience they might have. Being that the President (should be) a part of many parts that make laws and decisions and things happen and stuff, all those other parts I think will help things be actually super well-balanced if Gary Johnson was elected president. So like, if he’s not familiar with foreign policy, we have people for that. And I think they’ll be really receptive to their opinions and input. And they have experience in governing, haha, as he’s been governor of NM, and in some other governmental positions.)


Author: Arctic Hare!

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2 thoughts on “Not Pro Trump or Hillary?

  1. Sometimes voting your conscience means voting for someone you can’t stand fully behind now to achieve a long term goal. I think you’ve oversold Gary Johnson’s popularity, chances, and ability but have undersold the risk Trump presents to future generations. If Hillary was running against Kasich, I’d say “Knock yourself out,” but Trump? Absolutely not.

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    • Thank you for commenting! I really wish Kasich had won the Republican nomination! Now the election has happened, I’m hopeful that the people who stood against Trump because they couldn’t support his mean words, or those who didn’t feel comfortable with Hillary for other reasons will be able to stand strong and be the people our leaders aren’t being.


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