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A blog about my life as an INFP living with an ESFJ, INTJ, and my pup. I blog about earth-friendly living and life through my eyes – not necessarily in that order. Come put your feet up where life is Naturally Dreamy!


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People say with my personality type I have trouble keeping my feet on the ground. “My heads always in the clouds.” Dreaming all the time.

This never seemed to apply to me.

I called this “Naturally Dreamy” because it was my favorite description of the INFP personality type. I like the word dream, and I like dreamcatchers.

I am analytical, literal, and love definitions and guidelines. I laugh at jokes, see truth in situations, and love my dog.

None of this much seems to say I don’t cope with everyday life.

Today, though, I saw a way that I am nearly always dreaming.

I can’t focus in studying without music going. While half my brain reads, the other half is making up scenes to the song.

I imagine how a party will go before it gets to it.

I met two people tonight, and thought they were pretty great. Trying to go to bed, my brain is going off – “new friendships! Ooh, fun get togethers!! More funny moments!!” this sprinkled with memories. My brain was just floating, but I didn’t realize it was racing like that until I was picking up my clothes, and under it I found my origami flower.

The one from giSHwHes that I didn’t complete.

I remembered instantaneously Azurekat who invited me, and supported me during it, the FB messages the group exchanged, and the value of human life circulated by the event.

“Remember? That person liked you.” And that. THAT brought me down to ground. Something, anything that had happened – interactive with someone else – reminded me of the good in my past.

Future be darned. I’ll get to it someday. I don’t have to worry about it now.

It’s also a time-mark I go by. GishWhes was mid year last year it’s the beginning of this year. What’s currently going on, what are my objectives tonight.

Sure, yeah, it’d be nice if eventually I end up friends with people I meet. And people who are my age. That’s always nice when that happens.

But it’s even nicer to be on the ground.

My imagination can run away with – not me – but my primary thoughts, leaving me feeling a bit horizonless. But being on the ground isn’t dull – it’s a yellow origami flower that reminds me of the good in life, right now.






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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

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