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Winter Nail Art Challenge – Wrapping Paper or Bows

I didn’t have many ideas right off the bat for this challenge – I couldn’t remember what Christmas wrapping paper looked like (I’m not kidding – for a few years the only wrapping paper we could locate in the house was baby shower paper, and we didn’t even remember going to a baby shower…), and I wasn’t sure what to do for the bows…

Then I thought of the gingerbread on my other hand (I’m doing one hand at a time) and thought about keeping with the playful theme by showing the wrapping process!

I knew this was going to be a tall order, and possibly too abstract, but when I thought of clipart-style scissors and tape floating on a bright background, I really wanted to give it a go.

There are two issues with my idea (which I suspected): 1. I’ll be drawing with my off-hand, eek! 2. It’s really hard to draw (ahem, clear) tape!! XD

So, it pretty much looks like I have a present and scissors with some other thingamabobs floating on bright backgrounds lol, but it was worth a shot! 🙂

Starting at the pinky – Scissors, Curling Ribbon strands, Present, Tape, Wrapping paper (coming off a roll)

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What’s the most inventive present-wrapping job you’ve done?


BONUS PHOTO! Lol, it’s in the event before this, and I was like, ooh I can share this! I took this while we were on our recent trip. I can’t believe I took this as we were driving on the road, holding Rimfire on my lap, with the window down in 30 degree weather. It look soo peaceful, and I’m glad I made the choice to try and get it. 🙂




Winter Nail Art Challenge – Gingerbread



I wanted to tap into the happy feel and bright candy colors of gingerbread decoration, so I stared with colorful backgrounds. I kept them light or pastel so the brown would show up.


I don’t actually own brown nail polish, though. When my friend visited and we did nail art, we found equal parts light green and orange with a dab of black make brown!

Lit by Christmas lights only! 🙂

Alas, I’m still highly aware of my lack of pro-touch, and I need more practice in taking good photos, and that green really is a weird color, lol, but I’m relatively happy because it looks like gingerbread men! 🙂


(That scrape is from opening a delicious box of chocolate cashews lol. Ouch. Meanwhile my nails are rather short from recent temperature changes and misadventures – like tripping on an escalator racing my brother, and slipping on metal steps on the first freeze of the year. XD )

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What is your favorite memory with gingerbread?

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Winter Nail Challenge #1 – Red & Green


Lacky Corner generously and cordially said I could join in her annual Winter Nail Art Challenge (Winter NAC) again this year!! Thank you so much! 🙂


Today’s theme: Red & Green.

I’m prepping for a trip, so I didn’t have a lot of extra time, but I really wanted to join the first challenge I could, so I went with one of my favorite things to do variations of – French Nails.

Red and Green 1

If you’d like an easy, festive and unique polish job, I would recommend this!

Base: sparkle nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Pearly Whites)

French tips: Red and green, gently brushed on with the nail polish brush

Happy December! Have a great evening!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pots, pans and other food-dishes cover every surface

A first-aid kit is balancing, neglected, on the edge of the bathroom counter reminiscent of an earlier accident

The sky is darkening, the music is warm

Words are said, laughter returns

Aromas of all genres of food pervade the air with a wistful hint

And dinner is almost ready.


Happy Thanksgiving, all! 😀


Before I say adieu, I’d like to thank everyone who makes this odd, unique holiday possible. For the armed forces, the people who don’t take this day off, my work for giving me the day off 😉, and many more who I don’t remember now. Thanks to God for making wholesome family fun possible through personal growth lol. I hope I live in a way that gives back. Thank you. ❤


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Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

I was talking to BT yesterday, and he said how it was frustrating how even with how long you might know someone, it seems that trust isn’t really cultivated. He meant a different sort of trust – like trusting someone’s judgement – but what struck me is the horrbile trait that I don’t tend to trust someone as “they would never do ___” even after knowing them for a while.

If I consider how I trust other people, I think to myself, I never am sure that they wouldn’t hurt me. Or lie to me. Or do something horrendous for some reason.

I was thinking about it as I packed away recycling in the vehicle, that I don’t think that’s really what it is. I think it’s the same thing that stymied my starting to recover from an ED – I saw people for their weight (a lot of times), so I expected the same. I didn’t realize that that could change – and it did. But it took me recovering, first.

So I thought, I can’t trust someone else to not be something, if I never trust all of who I am with anyone. If I never reveal all of myself to someone I could never expect to know who they are all the way through, either… could I?

I tend to not want to alienate people, so I don’t show sides of myself. For instance, maybe, I don’t show the part of me that is really conservative (or I don’t want them to think their views aren’t welcome because they differ from mine – I don’t mind that). Or I don’t want to scare people so I don’t reveal my temper (or say I have one). People get annoyed at people who are excited so I won’t be excited. I try to cut away and whittle off anything that someone might wish for me not to be.

But you can’t grow by cutting off pieces of yourself.

Yet I think that’s what character development *looks like* to me a lot of times. (And I tend to get well-convinced by “looks like”.)

Take Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec. I think BT and I are in the 3rd season? When he starts his Rent-A-Swag business endeavour there is definitely some character development going on.

It looks like him deciding to NOT be a party boy and NOT be this or that. That’s my first thought. Look at all the things he didn’t do.

But those things he didn’t do, weren’t the point. He decided to stay true to his word. Take care of his friendships.

And as they discussed in a succeeding episode, if Tom tried not to be the confident, flashy person he is, then his new business would definitely fail.

He shouldn’t throw all his money into trivial items for his business – as he might have done – but if he “cuts that off” and doesn’t spend any of it, that’s not good either. The growth was to use it in things that appealed to him, and they all pitched in to help build the items he needed. Character growth.

I’ve never been great at nuances. (Hey, look, there’s a character trait someone may not like about me!) When I learned horseback riding, and my teacher was trying to teach me something, my mom would take me aside after the lesson and say “exaggerate it, do the complete opposite of *insert bad habit teacher was trying to break* and you’ll hit the middle.”

So if somebody cheers on somebody’s character growth and I think “Look, they didn’t do something, and that was good! I saw it, too, that was really helpful for them, and I’d much more enjoy spending time with them now, too.” I think “I won’t do things, either!”

Well, that has been proven to not work. And even though I’m much more trusting, and expressive, than I was there for a while, I still would describe myself as “not trusting”. I’m not sure if that actually manifests in my life, or if I really do blanketly (I kinda feel I don’t) not trust anyone. But I do believe I’d be hindered in being able to trust someone if I never chose to show that person the less-“good” parts about me.

And, wouldn’t it be true that nobody can trust me if I conceal so much…


Growth is about growing, and if you chop off everything, there’s nothing left to grow. And if “change” is really rebuilding like I feel better describes it, there’s got to be something to start from.

(Full disclosure: the people closest to me probably know all of me, even if I try to not show it XD When I say, well actually I have ____, they’re like “Oh good. I’m glad you know it, too.” or “Uh-huh, I could read it on your face!”)

I gotta be honest though. My high energy never seems to be a good match for anything…

And if the internet and stories from other people have taught me anything – it’s that frequently, (if you have a good heart), when you are real, and have flaws, it’s encouraging, humorous, helpful, and it sometimes even helps you and everyone else grow. 🙂


Has there ever been anything you tried to chop off, that you realized later wasn’t helpful like you thought’d be?

Do you have any special plans for the weekend? or Thanksgiving? 🙂


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A Discussion about a Subject of Unknown Origin that is just about as abstruse and abstract as this Title

A few short months after victoriously gaining a license, I lost it. I have every other previous version of it, but the newest one just vanished!

“To your credit,” said BT peeking into my room midway-through-ransack, “I thought, ‘where would she keep something like this besides her wallet?’ and I couldn’t think of anything. You’ve definitely done your due diligence.” We searched for another half hour. It is nowhere to be found.

But the thorough overturning of all storage spaces mine caused me to think a few thoughts.

There’s like a category of my brain that is like “that is it’s place” and it goes back in that place, and I’m just so tickled and happy that I’ve got a place for it. Slingshot goes on bed, next to books. Receipts with story ideas go in the paper stack below the books. The ages-old origami game goes in the hidden compartment in my backpack.

And the only thing that I can think of as to why that gives me so much satisfaction is the pretty much catch-all excuse (which I’m wary of using, but will if I need to pinch hit a reason/intro to my life to someone) that I’ve moved a lot.

So saying, “This goes, here and that goes there” is sorta opposite.

Hand in hand is my sad, sad, sad made up bed. At least I’ve been told it was sad. Even Mom said my oh-so-precious quilt was on it’s last legs. It’s yellowed with age, the quilted squares are losing their middle and exposing the stuffing below. There’s even an edge section that’s torn away from the rest of the blanket that sometimes my arm goes through gets caught.

I have had this quilt for as long as I can remember, and it’s just as comfy as it’s always been. It keeps me warm, or cool, and it’s just perfect. But apparently it looks terrible now.

And I have a “pillow” that has had such a life, that it by all rights should be retired. It traveled internationally, then half way across the country, got chewed on by Rimfire as a pup, causing the outer case to shred. Now it has no outer case and I contain the matted, permanently fused, hardened, foam stuffing in a sham.

Mom and BT and me just shake our heads when we see it. But it still serves it’s purpose. It gives just a little bit more of height than one pillow, which is all I need.

But by all intents it could definitely just be retired.

Why don’t I? Why don’t I just say, “No I won’t use you any more?” Why am I so glad I have places and things and put them back where they came from? It’s like I need some sort of continuity in my life, and I wonder how much that is true for humans.

I bet my friend is tired of me telling her, but I still haven’t yet reconciled my life with other people’s so it still comes up. My “family” contains a grand total of three people. I have virtually no past, and no future. I’ve lived nowhere long, and have no roots. Is this weird? Is this normal? Is my psyche different than others and if so in what way? I would love to know this. It would be so cool to know.