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Not Pro Trump or Hillary?

Me neither.

For reasons, which I don’t think would do much good to go into nitty-gritty on my blog – because really, it ends up being so individual with lots of people *sure* they know what’s best, and I’m including myself totally in that crowd. I’m open, but, I also think that I know what’s good for this country.

Have you seen that TED talk about how Democrats and Republicans would work sooo well together if they worked together? Like Republicans with their budgeting prowess could help fund the ideals of Democrats (loosely the general idea, as I remember it, lol). I was like I hadn’t thought about it but YEAH! THAT’s my type of politics.

Anyways, there is no way I can support Trump for President. (Yeah. I’ll just leave it at that.)

But, I also don’t agree with Hillary Clinton’s policies….

I definitely wanted to vote, and I definitely wanted to make a difference if possible, but how? when I felt like there was no way to vote my conscience?

Well, BT and I accidentally had a talk about politics and what we felt the role of the government was and ended up with some surprising conclusions.

We have a lot of beliefs (again, not going to bog this down with that). But is it the government’s responsibility to enforce our beliefs? When you look at it this way, we realized, heck no!! So, really, we drew our ideals for who we were looking for in office to a person who would govern, not project. Someone who would enable the country to keep running without declaring how the people in it must live – as long as it didn’t prevent others from pursuit of “life, liberty and happiness.”

Ended up, this fit really well with the Libertarian view point. Really? I didn’t quite expect that.


I don’t agree with all Libertarian beliefs. I don’t think that just given the chance everyone would do the right thing (because, humans.) And I think the government preserving the environment is very important, because otherwise money does a great lot towards motivating people to destroy the things keeping everyone alive, and sometimes (environment-wise) we need an outside incentive to say “Don’t do that!! Here, I’ll show you” and if government doesn’t preserve the land, I don’t think we will. (not the best worded, but basically, yeah. I have more facets to this concept, but … I’ll probably talk about that later! :))

But otherwise, I think GOVERNMENT is there to… wow I got off topic.

Here’s what I wanted to say in this post. If you really don’t want to vote for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump *maybe* you’d like to look into Gov. Gary Johnson for president, because it gave me a whole lot of hope.

As for his chances? Surprisingly good. He leads polls for the Military, and millennials. He’s polling really well in various states, and in various groups. If Libertarians get 5% of the vote, they’ll automatically be included in all votes from now on, and get government funding. (Of course, we’re hoping he’ll actually win, but if even just 5% could achieve this, yay!)

So sure, I don’t agree with the Libertarians on everything. And I will probably continue to vote all over the board. But here’s what I love:

  • Their campaign is just a wee bit sassy (in a good way) and very fact-based in their promos and it’s hilariously awesome
  • They have (as far as I’ve seen) never once mudslinged in this election
  • They have put forth proof and reasons they should be included in the debates, but didn’t insist or whine when they weren’t, and and when they weren’t included, they live-tweeted during it instead
  • The idea of ‘govern yo’self’ appeals to me (now that I’ve rethought the role of government)
  • I’d actually be really happy (versus just like “let’s get through this” or “I guess I think they’d be good for the office”) if they got elected

So as this crazy, hair-raising election comes to a close, I thought I’d bring this up real quick in case it helped anyone else. 🙂


(P.S. As the only Libertarian in D.C., I think we would have no problem not going too far Libertarian, or in any lack of experience they might have. Being that the President (should be) a part of many parts that make laws and decisions and things happen and stuff, all those other parts I think will help things be actually super well-balanced if Gary Johnson was elected president. So like, if he’s not familiar with foreign policy, we have people for that. And I think they’ll be really receptive to their opinions and input. And they have experience in governing, haha, as he’s been governor of NM, and in some other governmental positions.)

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“I Got You The Essentials”

“I went shopping, and I know you just came back from a trip, so I tried to pick up the essentials.” BT rustled in the bag, and said, “Like… Here!” and he handed me a Kit-Kat. I chuckled.


“And… I picked up some ice cream, too. Because we didn’t have any. And it says” he found it and pointed to the text label, “‘Ice Cream’….”

I interjected, “Yeah, that’s one I can have and I like!” and grinned broadly.

“And I got cheese,” he pulled out a pound of Colby Jack, “And chicken you’re welcome to. I don’t normally buy a pound of cheese, but” he measured it with his hand, “That looks about right for the two of us sharing, eh?” and I affirmed.

I loved that he thought to buy me some food to help out with the post-trip empty pantry and that when he thought “essentials” he thought of buying a Kit-Kat and Ice Cream. 🙂

(In case you are wondering) – The history of the Kit-Kat and “ice cream” ice cream:

I’m allergic (in some form or other) to MSG, and have a history of an eating disorder. While under the influence of the eating disorder, I once discovered that Kit-Kat’s nutrition was way different from other candy bars and allowed them as a suitable treat.

I didn’t really grow up with candy, and I also discovered that out of all the candies (which — I like them all!) I really enjoy Kit-Kats. And because I still have trouble with sugar-balance I do like that Kit-Kats are not super high on the sugar-scale.

Once I recovered and discovered my allergy to MSG, my friends offered me some Kit-Kats and I read the wrapper fastidiously, expecting some form to leap out at me. To my glee, it was MSG free! With this discovery, they sent me home with 3. (It was accidental at first, but then I thought, keep telling the story, see how many other “eee’s” come up and rhyme! XD)

After this double-awesome factoid about Kit-Kats was revealed to my family, it has been common knowledge that the candy of choice for me is a Kit-Kat. (For my birthday 2 years ago, I was gifted a pinata full of Kit-Kats that had accidentally melted. I froze them, and they were awesome. I had a Kit-Kat with lunch most every day for months XD)

The other thing is Breyers ice cream is a pretty ‘free from most everything artificial’ food, but the cleanest are the flavors that say “Ice Cream” instead of “Frozen Dairy Dessert”. I also like the flavor better, since normally those flavors have only sugar and no corn syrup. The corn syrup does lend a smoothness, but the richer, somewhat-more-fake flavor is less preferred to me. I stick with the “milk, cream, sugar” recipes from them, which is when we re-discovered that they make an awesome vanilla and chocolate. The strawberry’s good, too. (P.S. – Mint Chocolate Chip is the other corn-syrup free ice cream from them). 🙂



What is your favorite candy and ice cream? Why?

What’s a nice gesture someone’s done for you after you got back from a trip?

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The Story of the Time I Almost Fainted

So, today I’ll tell you about the time I almost fainted. 🙂

(It’s kind of long so you might want to get some tea (I had English Breakfast decaf) or iced tea depending on your weather. 🙂 )

It’s an oft-referred to story (mostly in jest) in my household and one of the biggest events to happen both in the practice & my family – probably due to the surprising and sudden nature of fainting, and probably partly (within my family) the idea that I’d come close to such a thing is unexpected.

All of us in my family are pretty stalwart people, with one thing each that scares us. I’m the only one who actually has a phobia, but then I can deal with the 2 things they can’t, so it’s a give and take situation.

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Sorry, blog

Here’s a little known fact about me – I actually really enjoy blogging. Lol, I know it must not seem like it.

What I didn’t realize when I started this blog was that I wouldn’t want to share my theories and realizations about how to make life easier to handle, simpler to go through, or other things. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t even like to review a product before having it 6 months.

Even though I desire to offer my observations as fodder for other people’s not-wholly-baked theories (yes, I mean half-baked but that’s used in a mean way, I mean it in a good way — I have them all the time where I’m searching for missing pieces and observations for half-crafted theories), I’m too concerned that what I say (especially in blog form – it’s not so intimidating in tweet or tumblr form) will be accepted as the final truth on something.

And I change my mind so much. I’m constantly confounding the British henchman  Ahem, that is discovering new ideas, realizing new perpectives that if I say “here’s a great way to cope with that” or “this idea is so cool!” I am not sure that it is so for years and years afterward. I don’t want to say a thing until I know it’s hard and fast true for me.

What if I said “I’m writing poetry every night to exercise my creative muscle” and then a month from now found out that instead of helping my creativity it narrowed it by locking it down? I’d feel… I don’t know what I’d feel but I wouldn’t like that to happen.

I don’t want to be trivial on this platform either (though I quite enjoy it! Favorite movies, songs of the day, book quotes are posts I’d love to do, but again my brain stops me… in this taken so-seriously (people make a living and write books from their blogs! They are here for yearssss sometimes! and people carve out time to read their favorite bloggers). So it’s like my most earth-shaking theories or nothing, but earth-shaking theories come about once every 2 months, and then I’m not comfortable divulging them until 3-4 years later?

I thought I could be okay with it. I thought “Yeah, I have hints and experience as I’m living. Maybe it could help someone else.” Instead I find them, and hide them away, just in case it’s not fully true. As often it is not. It morphs and changes. And once I click “publish” there is a form of it immortalized.

I’m not even saying “I’m all that” just the idea is hard for me to rebel against so that is one reason (I believe) I’ve posted so little on here.

I’m also not sure what to do about it, if there is indeed something I should do. But there it is. 🙂 That’s what I’m currently problem-solving around so as to hopefully find a way to blog more in the future! 🙂

So ciao! And hey — if you (as indeed you are my readership, so you probably have a better idea than I do on this point!) have an opinion on this, pleassse feel free to let me know in the comments or in this poll! 🙂

Ciao again! And have a great weekend!! 😀


(Multiple choice btw! 🙂 Lol, one choice polls are so tough.)




Communication Epiphanies of the Last Week

So, I’m not going to post the post I was going to post.

I thought it was pretty good after I wrote it, but on 2nd thoughts. Nope.

I mean it’s not not good, but it’s not the message I want to add to the world.

Silence can be annoying. It can be perturbing, but I find it the preferable alternative.

For years, I blamed a disorder for my lack of speech, my lack of words.

My blog almost further proves it – the long gaps, and the insanely long time it takes for me to reply to comments.

Any foray into social media – tumblr, twitter, blogging – spells out the same story. I’m quiet, and take very long to reply to things addressed to me.

I didn’t know what to think – The people around me usually have a ready word, the bloggers who do share several similarities to me write back within the day.

Then I learned that it seems Fi keeps its feelings to itself and stuff started to make a little sense.

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