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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pots, pans and other food-dishes cover every surface

A first-aid kit is balancing, neglected, on the edge of the bathroom counter reminiscent of an earlier accident

The sky is darkening, the music is warm

Words are said, laughter returns

Aromas of all genres of food pervade the air with a wistful hint

And dinner is almost ready.


Happy Thanksgiving, all! 😀


Before I say adieu, I’d like to thank everyone who makes this odd, unique holiday possible. For the armed forces, the people who don’t take this day off, my work for giving me the day off 😉, and many more who I don’t remember now. Thanks to God for making wholesome family fun possible through personal growth lol. I hope I live in a way that gives back. Thank you. ❤



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Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

I was talking to BT yesterday, and he said how it was frustrating how even with how long you might know someone, it seems that trust isn’t really cultivated. He meant a different sort of trust – like trusting someone’s judgement – but what struck me is the horrbile trait that I don’t tend to trust someone as “they would never do ___” even after knowing them for a while.

If I consider how I trust other people, I think to myself, I never am sure that they wouldn’t hurt me. Or lie to me. Or do something horrendous for some reason.

I was thinking about it as I packed away recycling in the vehicle, that I don’t think that’s really what it is. I think it’s the same thing that stymied my starting to recover from an ED – I saw people for their weight (a lot of times), so I expected the same. I didn’t realize that that could change – and it did. But it took me recovering, first.

So I thought, I can’t trust someone else to not be something, if I never trust all of who I am with anyone. If I never reveal all of myself to someone I could never expect to know who they are all the way through, either… could I?

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A Discussion about a Subject of Unknown Origin that is just about as abstruse and abstract as this Title

A few short months after victoriously gaining a license, I lost it. I have every other previous version of it, but the newest one just vanished!

“To your credit,” said BT peeking into my room midway-through-ransack, “I thought, ‘where would she keep something like this besides her wallet?’ and I couldn’t think of anything. You’ve definitely done your due diligence.” We searched for another half hour. It is nowhere to be found.

But the thorough overturning of all storage spaces mine caused me to think a few thoughts.

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Am I Too Judgmental?


Have you seen those collections of weirdest, most unexplainable stock photos? Thinking of this, I decided to use a stock photo for this post! XD

I’ve been pondering these last few days on whether I’m being too judgmental. And since that’s rather a loose word “of or concerning the use of judgement” what it is I mean by that is: (darnit! There’s like not really a good word for it I can find…)

So, it was key in my anorexia recovery that I stopped viewing people as thin, fat, fit, etc. It used to be all I noticed everywhere, and now I don’t even. People just are. So, in this way, I am aware that there are judgements 1. that I can have, and 2. that are completely possible to overcome.

However, I generally consider (considered?) myself a non-judgemental person. In considering whether or not to say such a statement, I’d mentally reference a couple of times where someone was reallllly nervous about telling me something, but once they did, it changed not at all what I thought of them.

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Lots of Thoughts

I have a lot of thoughts on my brain today. Would you mind if I told you some of ’em?

One of my friends is coming to visit me soon, and I’m off the charts excited!! My brain is also raising some good questions – What meals shall I make? What activities do I not want to forgot about doing? – and some not so good ones – What if she hates my where I live? What if she can’t stand my music? What if I tell her all the wrong stories?

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Happy 4th of July nail art!

The 4th of July (America’s Independence Day) is approaching! I have accordingly decked out my nails. 🙂

I’ve got 2 different designs. On my left hand, I have a de-constructed American flag. On the right I have excerpts from the Declaration of Independence.


For the American flag nails, I used a white from Essie, a navy blue from Mary Kay at Play, and a red from Rimmel. I used the dotter of my nail-art tool to create the wavy red lines of flag-flapitude, and the thin point on the flip side of the tool to create the “stars”.

After I’d made the red-stripes, I added some clear-sparkly polish to the top and bottom of the white nails, because I thought it would look more complete that way. 🙂

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