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Restrictive Eating Recovery

These are some of my favorite resources for eating issues. Everyone is different – if something doesn’t help you, don’t keep reading. I know that some of these could have been triggers for me, at times, but at other times, they were just the advice I needed. Use your discretion, and you will be fine 😀

Fitting it All In: I love her writing, it shows so much wisdom.

Darling Magazine: About many topics for girls and ladies. The subtle advice always helps me. My favorite articles: Respect What You Live In, With Eyes That Look Out, Take Up Space.

Your Eatopia: I found several helpful articles here, especially when dealing with “overshooting my goal weight”. Although, it also didn’t give me an answer.

An essential, historic study to understanding the motivation, and recovery possibilities from anorexia.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of restrictive eating, this girl puts it all out there. Encouraging. When really down in the dumps, perusing her posts helped me center. Life Without Anorexia. (Seriously, I just subscribed to her blog by e-mail, and her posts are so helpful. Every. single. word she says is so helpful and so dead-on.) She has posts that are helpful to recovery, as well, including: snack ideas, how you know when you are healthy, etc.

Health With Hope is written by a recovered blogger. Her insights are so hopeful that you can’t help but feel happy after reading. 🙂

And, when you’re ready, this is a great way of eating that will accommodate anyone and their style of eating. A no-stress manner of shaping up and being healthy in a healthy manner. Nerd Fitness.

Find some of my posts related to Recovery here!

Post-Recovery Shopping

Answers and Desires – thoughts I think, not necessarily related to recovery, but it sort of is.

My Magic Pants

A Heartfelt Letter from an INFP – it is also about recovery, haha! 🙂 And also about what it’s like to be anorexic… I’m doing a terrible job explaining, sorry.

Thoughts about Work and So Much More – so much more

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