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A Restorative Drink

Just a quick blog post here. 🙂

For the last few days I’ve struggling with some rather mighty and unpleasant symptoms. We have no idea what it is, but it all pointed to the idea that electrolytes would help.

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Natural Product Review – Part 3 (100% Pure GWP haul)

Hello, again!

Sorry for all the reviews at once!

Though… this does explain why when I see 100% Pure announcing special offers I think, “Thank you very much, but I’m …good, actually,” because seriously, I have 2 cleansers, a moisturizer, two sunscreens, an eye cream, and more makeup than I know what to do with! I feel bad not ordering since the order where they gave me $100 free, but they definitely have a repeat customer out of me… just not yet. 🙂

All right!

So in the gift with purchase they included an Ultra Lengthening 100% Natural Mascara (which has a beautiful packaging), a black eye liner, a Fruit Pigmented lip butter (needless to say, I was most clueless as to what this was), and a “Pretty Naked” (eek!, lol) Fruit pigmented pallette.

I’ve heard so much about pallettes I was super-excited to try this!

Also, since I bought a cleanser in their spring-cleaning sale, I got a free brush, also!! 😀

First, the brush:

It’s a wooden handled, bristle brush. It’s really tiny, actually!

Why I wanted a brush really bad: Washing my face is so annoying because my entire arms get wet, and if it’s winter… Blech! Wet elbows? The worst!

I thought (hoped!) the brush may help with this.

Okay, so it doesn’t. But it’s still nice to have an extra addition to my dreaded face-washing routine. 🙂

It did mold a bit, as I’d read in reviews, but it’s not too bad yet.

Ultra Lengthening 100% Natural Mascara

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t the case beautiful?

Did you know that mascara can leave lashes non-stiff? I didn’t know. XD I thought it was too big a hope that mascara would leave lashes feeling like lashes.

Apparently not, and this is one of those mascaras!

It is great!


  • Soft lashes even after application!
  • I’ve stuck my eyes with it several times, and either it’s because of the brush or the mascara, but it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as other mascaras I’ve stuck my eyes with.
  • I can apply multiple coats without it becoming unsightly. It is just layerable without ill-effect.
  • It comes off easily.

Okay, so the final point may not seem like a pro, but for me it is. First, I rub my eyes rather often. So I have two options – 1. Don’t rub my face consciously, and end up rubbing in subconsciously. 2. Rub with impunity and end up having a hard time cleaning up the dispersed makeup.

So, with this makeup falling off (only after a good long wear) I don’t have to take off the mascara myself! (I know that isn’t recommended, but it’s how I wear most of my mascara. Which is a rare event in and of itself.)

But, the other bonus is, if it does come off by me rubbing (which it doesn’t really do – WOW!), then all I need is a bit of water and a tissue to remove it, not some super-strong specialty eye makeup remover.

Super handy. (This same praise goes for all the eye-stuff I review on here.) I like that it doesn’t last forever, and that it comes off with — er, saliva.


I can’t get into it. I can review it, I can love it! But I can’t get into eye liner sticks, because I’m too clumsy to handle it well. 🙂

I’ve got a Maybelline Gel liner that I like because it has sparkles in it, and it applies grey – totally a run-down black, but it looks right with my eyes. I don’t really think I can pull off a dark line.


That being said, this liner is super soft and really nice. It’s nice to have a liner to use if I have an elaborate makeup look I want to make (like recently at an Anime Convention).

And, if I want to apply eye makeup to my whole eye, instead of applying liner all the way across I came up with my own application technique. 🙂 I use this liner on the waterline in the inside of eye and the very outside of my eye where the lashes end. It looks really good, actually.


The only thing is to me, it seems to have some of the short-lasting strength of the grey eye-stick. It wipes off rather easily… Not bad. But doesn’t have the same wear time as the mascara (but also not so short as my gray eyeshadow stick).

Pretty Naked Palette

This super-awesome palette came with a luminescent powder, a blush, and three neutral eye-shadows.

I used to not really like neutral eye shadows, because I didn’t want to be wearing a lie, but I like these, because they are fruit-pigmented, and I’m better with wearing an all-natural optical illusion… (I can explain more if you like! 🙂 )


I had a highlighting powder I was given by a friend, and I loved the effect of it. I also love the effect of this one! It looks pink, and the blush looks brown, but they are actually the perfect shades for their intended uses!

The luminizer, though pink, doesn’t end pink, quickly blending in and looking great.


Easily not-overpowering which is good for me since I’m not used to makeup. Very good shade for me! 😀

Three Shadows:

When they said “beautify without making you look too made up” they meant it. I can’t even try to make it dramatic! And sometimes I want to!

I really like the end result of these shades, though. Really. (Though to be honest it’s INVISIBLE, it somehow also looks good.)

Even though nobody can tell I’ve done anything, I’m super happy every time I finish making the look. I like to experiment with where I put the color though I do it differently every time!

However, I wish I could make it just a little more noticeable. 🙂 Maybe if I had eye-primer it would.

Fruit-Pigmented Lip Butter

An unexpected favorite!! It’s not that it’s my favorite per say, but for how I expected to like it, it surpassed such expectations as to become a frontrunner!

That probably doesn’t make sense…

This stuff is so cool.

It’s so pigmented and “dark” (as in a red color, not pink), that I can use it like a “dark” (again, not meaning dark red, but colorific, sorry) lipstick, but…:

  • It doesn’t come off! Not residue on cups or mugs!! 😀
  • I can apply it lightly and have it just a pink tint.
  • It’s like a balm – so good for you!
  • My lips are usually not like perfectly managed – exfoliated, moisturized, and stuff – so even when I have dry patches, it’s okay for me to use this; it doesn’t cling to dry patches!
  • It’s got all the color I could want in a lipstick, but it’s a balm!
  • And it’s a great shade on me!

Really, unexpectedly, happy with this product! 😀

There you are, reviews for all my current skin-care products.

(P.S. & BTS: I edited this (for the 4th time) at midnight last night… It was then I remembered  – “I said tomorrow” and hadn’t edited till I was happy with the feel. 🙂 (Yeah… so much “the feel” goes into blogging for me!) I feel like some is not my usual style – like an underline vs a italic; or an ellipses where words should have been… but I hope that it’s hopeful, encouraging and brightening! So, if you are wondering, or if it’s weird, it’s sleepy me, trying to edit while a movie is on! 🙂 )


Any skin care products that you are wanting right now?