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Christmas Hair!

Last year I had green & red hair dyes &  wanted to add them to my hair for a Christmas-themed dye job. But alas, I did not.

I’ve dyed teal accents to the front of my hair, blue stripes, teal stripes, red stripes, but I’ve only ever done one color at a time. Most colors lasted 4-6 months, but the red lasted for a YEAR. If I died my hair red & green for Christmas, I thought it would be weird to have red and green hair in July.

I said as much to BT after he encouraged me to go ahead and dye my hair for Christmas this year, and he thought for a moment, then said, “Do it in November. Then you have one month before and it’s like…and then the month of, and then …4? months after? Not too weird.”

With his encouragement I planned on planning to plan to go ahead with it.

I did go ahead with it! I don’t know what it was, but suddenly all the other reservations were dealt with and dispensed, and the day after Thanksgiving BT and I dyed our hair – played Clue with our family while it set, and washed it out.

His dye sadly washed out entirely, mine was apparent even before my hair fully dried. (The next day he tried my dye, and while not super *SHING* bright, it was evident – now we know.) The next day I debuted my hair to a waiting public (ahem, the two people in my life that they said every other sentence the night before ‘Show me in the morning! Make sure you show me when it dries'”) the result. While I’d nitpicked that morning in the bathroom over various things about the dye job result, together we did decided we not only liked how it looked, but also where and how I’d added the dye.

The next day, I decided I liked it too.

So now I have Christmas hair!! 😀 I still need to add the glitter extensions I got for Christmas last year, and I think that will be some great overkill frosting on the cake!

[I took some great “LET’S BREAK ANONYMITY ON THE BLOG!!!” pictures, but as per usual, I’m not going to. Doing so would not just put me at risk, and so I must yet again decline.]


The Materials:

  • Ion Color Brights Semi-Permanent dye in Red
  • Ion Gem Stones Semi-Permanent dye in Jade
  • Hair Foils
  • Gloves
  • Shower Cap
  • Hair Dryer
  • Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment

For cleanup:

A towel you don’t mind being dyed


Dawn Dish Detergent


The Process:

  1. Take some foils – maybe 8-10 – out of the packaging.
  2. Line the counter with the papers that separated the foils.
  3. Strategize. Where do you want this dye? I wanted to hide it at will, but also wanted it visible if my hair was down – so I did under-dye.
  4. Clasp any sections of hair you want to leave undyed, up. I clipped the upper layers of my hair into bun-ish thing, but left two “wingy” bits of hair so that even as an underlayer, the dye *might* be able to be seen from the front — Hmm.. I can’t find any pictures of what I’m talking about, but the hair that’s close to your ears – if that’s not dyed, then your hair dye is going to be very, very selectively seeable. If you leave it out of the bun, you can decide later whether you wish to dye it or not.
  5. Separate out the section of hair you wish to begin with and squeeze a goodly but starter amount of dye onto your fingertips – about 1/2 an inch.
  6. Work it through the section.
  7. Work it work it.
  8. Squeeze more dye. Massage it through.
  9. Now your hair should be getting globbed up by it. And now more dye. You’ll probably use 3-4 1/2 inch globs on a 1/2 inch section of 2 foot hair… That was a lot of statistics at once, sorry. The goal is that you “see” the color on the outside of your hair, but when you pull apart the section, you don’t want it to be dry.
  10. When you can feel the whole section, and the hairs in the “middle” of the section have some liquidyness on them, and you’ve really like massaged it in….
  11. …then wrap the section around two of your fingers and grab a foil.
  12. Lay the foil against your head under the coil of hair.
  13. Lay the coil on the foil.
  14. Holding the coil of hair and the foil, use your hands to fold the foil in half over the hair – like a hair taco.
  15. Fold the open left and right edges of the foil closed, squish it all together (optional) and let sit.
  16. Move on to the next one.

You can do all one color at once, or alternate as the inspiration strikes, but if you are using the aluminum dye tubes from Ion be aware that the dye likes to slowly escape from the tube when you’re not looking. 🙂

How I planned out the highlights:

I alternated red & green on the lowest section of my hair (I dyed around 4-6 sections on this part). Then I went up one layer, (but still on the lower sections of my hair), and dyed about 1/2 as many segments, alternating green and red again. This helped with the “seeingness” factor – I wanted it to be possible to be seen so as to spread the max amount of cheer without starting to miss my real hair color 1/2 through the fading process. (It still is, as has happened with most of my dye jobs, less obvious than I’d expected or hoped. But if I do a twist and flip the bottom of my hair to the top, it’s quite evident and visible, just not as obvious everyday as I’d planned for.)

Check the sink, and bathroom environs for dye that might have found its way out – we found it on the bottom of the outside of the medicine cabinet once… and cleanse with alcohol or dawn detergent depending on which the surface reacts best to. (In my experience, plastic is convinced to release its hold on the dye by alcohol, and ceramic by Dawn detergent. Alcohol really works wonders – so before you freak out about it having landed irreversibly on an item, try rubbing it on it for a few minutes and you might see it go away or fade to an indistinct shadow.)


  1. Wrangle your hair into a shower cap (this keeps your hair in one place, preventing accidental spread of dye, and prepares your hair for the heat treatment later).
  2. Let sit for 3-4 hours, applying heat at some point (by hair dryer – maybe 5 minutes).
  3. Rinse, baby rinse at the end of the hours.
  4. It should start to feel less slick and stop casting off copious amounts of color into the water you see going down the drain. At this point apply the after color treatment.
  5. Let it sit the instructed amount of time. (Mine says.. 3 minutes? … I think.)
  6. Let your friend hold your hair & towel while you stretch out the kink in your neck.
  7. Rinse gently & well until hair is soft but not feeling of excess conditioner in it.
  8. Place hair in towel (that you don’t mind getting dye on.)
  9. Check the sink & faucets and counter for stains & dye. Clean as needed.
  10. Once it’s not dripping, part your hair, and then re-place in towel.
  11. Sleep on towel or pillow case that, again, you don’t mind getting dyed.
  12. Wake up and survey your masterpiece while gleefully sharing with friends & family.

You might find that your hair is pretty amazing after the after-color-treatment. I had side-bangs the day after that I didn’t even know existed, because my hair was so slippy. My hair is usually super soft, afterwards, too. But yeah, it’s pretty cool that first few days when your hair is uber conditioned, soft and slick – not the feel I expected after dying it.


Please remember I have wavy hair that I don’t brush… so yeah, it’s not frizzy but it’s also not “kempt” 90% of the time! 🙂


(I’m drinking tea, by the way. :)) This is how it looks when I flip the hair on the bottom to the top. I was going to make a bun, but then decided to pin it in place half down, half up. 🙂  


Have you ever done anything you felt was crazy to celebrate a holiday?

What’s your favorite or must-see holiday movie? Why?


The Christmas Tag

I was reading “Life Without Anorexia” one of my favorite blogs about recovery (& much more) and saw she did this “Christmas Tag”.

I’ve been looking for some fun surveys to complete on my blog, and since this one is Christmas it doesn’t have too many too personal questions!

And it’s CHRISTMAS! 😀

And as she said, I tag anyone reading: “If you want to join in on your blog comment below and let me know so I can read your posts :)”

1. What is your favourite Christmas film?

My favorite Christmas film is probably Home Alone 2. It was super fun staying up late to watch it on TV with BT last year since we didn’t have our copy with us. We eagerly read the commentary that popped up, which provided a new twist on a film we knew so well. It was hard to read, though, because we had a smaller screen than most channels expect!

We finally gave up as we realized the commercial breaks got longer and longer until they were just as long as the segment of film shown!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

A bit of both. Whatever we feel like now. 🙂 We used to have traditions or whatever, now it’s whatever we feel like doing!

3. Do you like to stay in your PJs on Christmas Day or dress up?

I like staying in my PJ’s because it’s all like, chill, and familiar. However, I usually try to take the chance to dress up at some point! Though I usually look at it more as costuming than glamming, as I go for trying to incorporate lots of Christmas themes and colors.

4. If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be?

I saw that Kendel and Izzy both said their Mom, and that would probably be the case for me, too.

Actually, this year, I think I would go for this one family friend who almost always sends us Christmas presents, and birthday presents, and random presents, but I don’t always know what to get her. I determined to work on it early and get her a Christmas present this year! Plus, she’s a mom, so she could use some special appreciation!

I don’t think Mom would mind. 🙂 But most years, yes, my answer would be Mom!

5. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?

Yupperdoodles! We started that tradition, and it has been funny! Like we always do this traditional stuff, and it’s all “look at us, we are actually doing something typical!” and then when we get working on it, it always has our own peculiar flair on it! One year Mom decorated one side of the roof, and BT the other, and the contrast was so stark, but both were so lovely! We used mustard to color our frosting… We had leftovers so I made a table and chairs, which actually worked! :0… a little while later I got a text from Mom saying, “I got so hungry I ate a table leg!.. A gingerbread table leg, that is!”

It’s so fun to work on this together and have something so different come out of us each year.

6. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?

If I have a job at Christmas time, I work. Which was really fun. The business wasn’t open, it just still needed maintaing, so me and a friend got to work together on the holiday!

If I don’t work, then I just hang out and do whatever my family does! We might have a fire, bake special stuff, do some kind of outdoor activity.

7. Any Christmas wishes?

I wish that Forever would get a Season 2!

I wish that my family would have a wonderful year!

8. Favourite Christmas food?

At thanksgiving, we were introduced to Spanish candies, and I really like this one that is like shortbread with almonds and other stuff. And before you eat it you can squeeze it in the wrapper to make it more compact. It’s so cool.

My favorites at Christmas time are the new candies and stuff – like chocolate covered this and that.

I also like homemade gingerbread, our gingerbread house, pumpkin pie, and specialty covered (hard) pretzels.

9. Candy cane or gingerbread man?

Probably gingerbread men…

10. What is at the top of your Christmas list?

There are a few things I’ve been wanting to buy throughout the year – like a GMM hoodie, or a music player. But, nothing I’m wanting any more than usual. I don’t like giving people or even thinking I have a wish list because then I think they’ll try and buy it for me even if it’s not good for them to do. (But, yet I’m always compiling a mental wishlist. 🙂 )

I’ve always secretly dreamed of getting an animal whenever there’s a time presents are exchanged (which seems like such a foolish dream to me!) I’d also like time with family, and Pentatonix CDs. 🙂


Do you have any Christmas traditions?

What’s on your wishlist?

Any question from above?

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The Christmas Tree

One time we cut a fresh-cut Christmas tree.

We all set out, roaming the earthen aisles, Rimfire leading the way on leash.

I picked out a small lonely tree in the middle of a bare lot.

BT picked out a majestic blue tree (blue spruce, I believe) with a funny top, which endeared him, and us, to it.

After much deliberation (and they are sold by the foot, so I’m sure the small one appealed to my very sparing financial brain), we picked the blue tree.

We thought, when else are we going to be able to pick a unique, specialty species as our Christmas tree, eh?

We told them our choice, they handed us a saw.

We took turns sprawling out on the land, reaching for the trunk and sawing through it. Branches pricked our face, and hid our torsos making us look like headless lumberjacks.

I even took a turn as someone else held Rimfire.

When we finished, the tree-farm owners took a picture of a very proud and happy us with our very proud tree.

They then took the tree, and shook extra needles off of it, and we brought it home on top of our car.

We then brought it inside, and set it up in the living room.

The next step belonged to BT and I – we got to decorate the tree.

BT was so proud of his tree, I gave him point on picking the color. We settled on blue lights.

He and I spruced up that beautiful tree. With him on one side, and I on the other, we passed the lights around and around the tree, getting deep on the branches to place it just right.

I believe we ran out of the blue and attached a string of white to it.

We worked together so well, cooperating lighting that tree. It was terrific fun!

By the time we were done garnishing it, we were tired, but happy. Turning off the lights and looking at the finished product dazzled all of us, despite us two having stared at it for so long. It was beautiful.

It was as if at that moment, and many times we looked at it afterwards, we couldn’t remember anything prettier than it. We didn’t know why, it just looked so perfect.

Exhausted, BT and decided to stop and go on with our night. We went to wash some stickiness off our hands….And our arms…And our jacket?

The stickiness was everywhere we’d touched the tree. And soap didn’t move it!

Surprised we exited the bathroom and asked advice from Mom.

“What?” She didn’t know what to do either. She’d never had this happen.

The sap was prohibitively sticky all over our hands and arms – worse on BT who’d really gotten down and into the tree! We couldn’t decide whether to regret that action or to laugh at it.

It took several internet remedies, but we eventually got enough sap off of our hands & arms to live.

When we went to take off the Christmas lights, we were prepared. But, we still laughed when we unlooped the lights and found the cords all gummy. Completely covered in the tacky stuff.

To this day, we know which lights we used on that Christmas tree.

Even though I got chillblains that year and was freezing so much I was very happy that year. I remember the getting and decorating of that tree as the exemplar of what that December felt like.

We went back to that tree farm again (but did not get a blue one).

(I want to show pictures tomorrow! I couldn’t get to them today…)


I have a question – are Christmas lights referred to as fairy lights in Britain?

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After Christmas

What do I do??

I’m lost in YouTube but have no reason to stop.

After a couple weeks away (I was working, but it was pretty much like a vacay), and then I got back home, and was trying to get back into my groove – almost… so close to getting back into the groove, and then…


That time that always messes up the inner conciousness and clock and routine. That’s it’s purpose, (as in a break from the usual grind) but I already was out of whack for like most of the month. Oh golly!

I’m like — uh. Wash the dishes? Vacuum the floors? And take the dog out — What else do I need to do? Schedule, I need a schedule. Or more work to do. Or some kind of reminder of what I usually do.

Haha… I’ll get it maybe some time in the next year. 🙂

I know that a lot of people have to work real close to Christmas – they do not have this issue! I’m sorry you got work, but I hope it goes well. I’ll make you virtual cookies!

OO, OOh! I got it – Clean the house, work on the bucket list, edit a video, and think on what I’ll do for my next one (I’m thinking big, unrealistic, one-man production.)  Thanks! That was very helpful!

I’m off to make the world a cleaner – er… slightly tidier – place. 🙂


What do you usually do with your family the day after Christmas?

If you had a choice of working on Christmas or not, would you or not? And why?

I actually was offered the chance to work on Christmas one year, and took it. I didn’t have much planned, it would give me a few more hours, and I got to work with a friend. Plus the business was closed, so it was peaceful. I loved it!!


Winter N.A.C – Christmas Carol or Song


I landed on Good King Wenceslas as the song I wanted to “nail art” because I figured not many other people would be tackling it. 🙂

It wasn’t until I looked at the other nail art today that I realized that others weren’t looking at the challenge the same way I was — as an illustration idea like frame-by-frame –, but I decided to go ahead anyway – I was too curious about how it would work!

To illustrate Good King Wenceslas, with the King and Page together was my very original idea, but then I decided to do it as prompt cards. What was the next verse? Hmmm… oh! Something about mountains!

It’s not very photogenic, but I had so much fun doing this and the idea that people might look at my nails and then break out into song is intriguing. 😛


wenceslas(I did photoshop just one part – I had this weird, tiny red dot on the top of the blue on the mountains, totally invisible in real life, so I thought it would be okay to take it out, if I told you.)

And of course I added the borders. 🙂 I hoped it would transport the brain back to Wenceslas’s time. 😀

So there is the crown (for Wenceslas):


The moon and fire (gath’ring winter fuel)…

The mountain where the peasant lives under….

The miraculous Kingly footprints…

And the cross is a more abstract illustration of the last verse — illustrating “Christian men”, mainly.

Secondly, I had the other hand, and I considered if I wanted to do another song.

And I did!

I did Silver Bells on this hand:

silver bells

First is the sidewalks dressed in holiday style…

Then meeting smile after (rainbow-colored) smile…

Then silv-er bellls…..

Then the stoplights that even blink red and green…

And Santa, who’s big scene it is.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry, I got to cut this post short, but I will see you soon!

Oh! Sorry, I forgot to put this on before — check out the other entries! 😀

Other Christmas Song Nail Art Submissions


What is one of your favorite Christmas songs? Do you have any memories associated with it?

BT and I love to belt out the Looney Tunes Good King Wenceslas – the only version I knew (and loved) for years. 😀

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That’s What Christmas Means to Me, M’Deer!

There’s been lots of thought about what Christmas means

What it should mean

I’ve gone back to it’s roots

I’ve lived it in typical modern fashion

I’ve gone somewhere in between keeping Jesus as the center

For all festivities

But nothing felt right

I knew that to “make sense” it had to work when there was no snow

What was Christmas, in God’s eyes, in the original days, and now?

Then, this year, I walked out my door, and looked across the street.

The neighbors had decked out their yard in full gusto

Lights hung from the gutters.

White reindeer paraded on the grass.

It was completely unexpected.

And I smiled.

And I realized what Christmas meant to me.

The reason that people can have jollity comes from Jesus, no doubt.

He gives a reason to be happy, every Christmas. But that is also every day.

But I had to find why do we go out and deck our houses? What is the meaning that does that?

For me, it had to be more close than a birth of a Savior many years ago, on a symbolic day — though that was almost enough, the connection was too timorous.

The heart and cheer and ephemeral feelings that some occasion this season

is just because.

It’s like a ball gown

When can you use it?

But when you can, you deck it out and rock it like you are a princess

We don’t always dress up our houses, we don’t always have trees

That doesn’t make it illogical

Every year, a little something gets added to an original idea and it keeps morphing

It might merely have been a celebration about winter solstice and bringing in some nature

It might have been merely a change to that holiday and said “Let’s celebrate God’s saving us today”

But now.

But now.

It’s all that and more.

With Christ in our hearts it makes it richer, for God was the first to give good will to man, but all can join in. It’s just a jolly time for all to share.

It’s writing to people we love.

It’s singing and listening to Carols and Christmas songs.

We make Cookies, and break out all the ingredients and give them to people we love.

It’s having hot Chocolate after coming in from the Cold and receiving love in a Hot drink.

It gives us Reason to do things that fill our heart, minds and senses with things everyone loves, in the darkest of the seasons.

It’s Ice and sledding

It’s Snowman painted or rolled

It’s Trees in the house to smell pine or palm, and see beautiful boughs and old ornaments.

Bright Tinsel is jolly and shiny

and we break out anything and everything that is Merry and bright to us

Together or Apart, Christmas is a season full of things that can fill your heart.

And that to me is what makes Christmas so Special.

There aren’t necessarily any rules to follow. Getting “swept up” is okay.

It’s just a chance to be jolly.

That is why we can meet people on the street with a smile.

That is why we can bellow our hearts out to a song.

Shiny, bright, sparkly, furry, colorful, and velvety.

Stuff we all enjoy

We bring it all out to play

And that is why I love Christmas day.

(Bonus: The last sentences spell “Christmas” with the captilized-for-no-reason words.🙂 Merry Christmas!!