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Cooking Pad Thai (A Story)

Last night I was hungry, and so even though it was only Monday, I decided to make a meal.

But first the dishes were piled too high to wash the saucepan that I needed to cook noodles in.

My hands grumble at me if I wash dishes without gloves, but the pair I have right now has at least one hole, so I decided “Imma risk it.”


(Quote from The Finder – a show I thought I didn’t like at all from seeing it’s crossover ep with Bones, but ended up liking a lot!)


But it also gave me an idea for a biodegradable, spray-on glove that melts away as you wash, and can just rinse down the drain, and I think that’d be great, but I have no idea what it’d be made of, or how that a sprayed?-adhesive?-vegetable-based? matter would actually work…

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In the Kitchen with… me!

I have decided to take a re-stab at veganism! Maybe. I’m still undecided, actually.

And today, one of my family members has the day off, so I decided to make a vacaliday out of it.

Vacaliday – n. A word for when I can’t decide whether ‘vacation’ or ‘holiday’ is better suited for the situation.

So, after having an immensely pleasant evening, last night, letting our DVD player be on the fritz, and playing games, reading and going to bed (so much more fun than watching a movie (for the rare 1% like me!)) I was well set-up to start my vacaliday.

This morning, I crawled out of bed, took SP for a walk, and grabbed my computer to take a look at what I could make for a vegan breakfast.

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