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Not Pro Trump or Hillary?

Me neither.

For reasons, which I don’t think would do much good to go into nitty-gritty on my blog – because really, it ends up being so individual with lots of people *sure* they know what’s best, and I’m including myself totally in that crowd. I’m open, but, I also think that I know what’s good for this country.

Have you seen that TED talk about how Democrats and Republicans would work sooo well together if they worked together? Like Republicans with their budgeting prowess could help fund the ideals of Democrats (loosely the general idea, as I remember it, lol). I was like I hadn’t thought about it but YEAH! THAT’s my type of politics.

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A PSA followed me home the other day … or help Common Sense Win and Vote in upcoming primaries!

Hi! — OK, so the first quote was from REM, and the other was my attempt to sum up this post. 🙂

The primary elections are coming up and though we usually “pay it never mi-hind” this year, we all may want to.

Guys, Trump is still in the running, and I think that nobody really wants that. Primary voting goes a lot further than the election-votings, because fewer people do (or so I read on a website…). So, if you are really dead-set for or against a certain candidate, maybe this is one way you can get yourself heard this year, and early on, too.

A bit of information for those similarly clueless, like me.

Each state has a website with information about how to vote in the primaries there. It’s started, so it’s ‘coming to a state near you’ soon, USA-readers.

So, thank you for reading this political-centred post, and I hope you may consider voting here, encouraged that your vote will mean that much more because you took the time to cast it in this not-so-popular election round that could mean oh-so-much for our country’s future.