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This Week is My Week Off, This Week is Your Week Off… right?

“I have the 24-30th off.” That’s what I remember BT saying.

“Okay, I’ve marked that off in my calendar!” That’s what Mom said.

“I’ve got the same week off!!!” I gladly proclaimed when my new job announced our holiday hours.

Then BT got sick about a week ago. He dressed up, went to work, but they said, “It’s okay, go home,” and so he came back to recuperate. He stayed away so he wouldn’t spread germs, and I hung with my friend for a few days.

A couple days later, it seemed like he still hadn’t gone back to work. Strange, but maybe this sickness was really knocking him off his feet. Good thing he decided to quarantine himself early — but it didn’t feel quite right.

A few more days later, and he was still off work. For a guy who always works holidays, and is always a dedicated worker, this was weird. But, I couldn’t very well ask him about it without defeating the purpose for which we had not spoken until now!

Last night we finally got to speak and started to make plans. Though I hadn’t gotten to reserve a snowy cabin for the three of us, complete with fireplace, we still had a lot we could plan for on the one week in the entire year we’d all be off at the same time!!

While Mom was making her dinner in the kitchen, BT and I talked about drinks, food, games, and presents. Friday night was the earliest the festivities could start, but that was plenty since we had all of next week.

“It’s not as long as I’d hoped, but…” BT shrugged.

“Well, we have all of next week.”

BT looked at me quizzically. “I go back to work on Tuesday.”


It was my turn to be aghast, “What? I had down that you were off the 24-30 and I’m off the 24-1st!!”

“No, no… no. Tuesday. Why would I take the week after Christmas off?”

“Um… I don’t know. I just thought we said we had the same week off.”

“No, erm.” BT searched for a way to explain this confusing situation, “I did it the same way I did Thanksgiving. The week leading up to it!”

I was still too surprised, processing this big change-of-plans news and the irony. I was trying desperately to measure it up in my head.

“Hmm.. Okay. Well. Um, we still have this weekend! Um… OH! So thaaaat’s why you were home! Oh… you were trying to do stuff all this week with us, but you were sick. Oh… Erm…” The sad side of it for him hit me.

“Yeah, I mean, it worked out to be able to rest & recuperate, but yeah!” he chuckled, “Why did you think I didn’t go to work all this week?”

“I thought you were just really sick somehow…”

Mom called out from the kitchen, where she’d been blending something or food processing, “Hey!!! See you Saturday!!! I have all next week off! Can’t wait to see you!”

“HE GOES BACK TO WORK ON TUESDAY!” I called out covering the distance and attempting to overcome the noise of the machine.

“WHAT?” she asked, “Huh?” she repeated after shutting it off, BT started and I finished: “I have…” “He works next week, he goes back on Tuesday.”

Mom’s face echoed the thoughts in my head as puzzlement grew on her face, “What?”

“Yeah.” BT asserted.

I couldn’t help but chuckle now, especially being literally in the middle of the situation halfway between the kitchen and front door where each person stood.

“But I wrote it down for next week.” BT shrugged as she said, “I asked you twice. Hmm… I wonder how I got that mixed up.”

BT said, “Well, as I was saying to her, I am not saying I’m not the source of this information. Unless I have a calendar in front of me, I’m terrible with…” and he gestured. “But yeah, I am going back on Tuesday, I had this week off.”

“I just thought you were really sick! Ahahaha, I was wondering.”

Well, at least we still have Saturday-Monday. 🙂

“That’ll be enough time. I mean for us.” BT said as if it was crystal clear, but I found such a statement enigmatic.

Well… I suppose though we enjoy hanging out with each other more than most groups of 3 people, there are things that irk us about each other and the way we do things. I mind things the least of any of us, but I see them minding things about me & each other.

I was glad I didn’t end up booking that cabin, or making any other plans for 3, though… That woulda been interesting. 😄

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There’s an odd thing about me that not many know.

I don’t even know if my family knows.

I can get homesick.

I often do. I was always asked as a wee kid if I had to go back to my house in the middle of the night because I couldn’t stand the length of the sleepover. I have NEVER returned early, and have sometimes stayed later.

But I usually have that longing not too long in, or near the end of a trip to go back home.

I love being with my friends. When I’m away from them I want to travel to them.

I love being out of my house. When I’ve been in too long I want to go somewhere, anywhere!

My friends are my second life, and the friends I have are closer to second families than actual friends. We are that close. But yet, there is something family about my family that makes me want to come back.

Our home is not a place – our home has always been each other. But, we do fulfill that totally.

When I’m away I get a break from the things that break me down, but at the same time I am not whole without them.

I’m not dealing with an INTJ while being a feeler-perceiver. I’m not coping as my ESFJ Mom talks in an unhelpful yet so cheerful and happy way. I’m free of rebuke, free of correction, and free to be me.

Yet I miss my home.

I want to go back.


Because no matter how less there is of a bad thing, nobody else has the good things my family has. My family is MINE. And the fact that we have one, is even more surprising.

Because our family is blood, but only just. More than in other families we’ve chosen each other. We aren’t one to say “You’re blood, we have to stay together.” We are by merit. We are by if the other person is detrimental to our health, we will encourage each other to eject. We are sure to make sure we do not stay in super-poisonous relationships. So there is no guarantee we would be family if we weren’t not also friends.

But we are. I have one, and now more than ever, I’m so patriotic about it. They’re my family and you should love them too. Let me show you the ways. They’re awesome.

Never have I left early. Yet I’ve always been homesick halfway through, wanting nothing more than to get back. But I’m with the other ones I love, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Homesick: it’s weird, but a blessing, because you have a ‘home’ you want to go back to.

It’s a place – not perfect – not always helpful – but don’t get me wrong, never EVER bad.

I’m at home there. I actually have a home that I’m at home at – words that I have no definition for! Isn’t that cool?


Have you ever been homesick? What did you do about it?


Post-Recovery Shopping

(First of all, I wanted to say sorry for the donut pic overload yesterday. I couldn’t decide which were best, and I was so excited that some turned out well! Sorry!

Second, I started a Twitter account – I actually read Privacy Policies, and although I wanted to make a YouTube account the policy (Google’s) was far too invasive for me to be comfortable with. Most of the YouTuber’s I follow have Twitter, so I can interact with them on there. Like submitting questions for Malinda Kathleen Reese’s FAQ’s. 🙂 I have absolutely no idea what I am doing on there, but if you want to find me, I am GigglePop! @NaturallyDreaMe)

Now to the main course!

Shopping Trips Manchester

Shopping while recovering from anorexia can be really stressful. Your brain wants to heal, but your mind is telling you all sorts of falsehoods.

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In preparation for the weekend… here’s a list of movie recommendations! I like lists.

I often find myself in the position of wondering what some good movies are to watch. And apparently I am not alone (because I found a blog post on someone’s blog about this, but now can’t locate it…).

So here are some that I “surprisingly” liked, and some of my favorites!


A State of Mind: a movie about North Korea. I think back to it often. Surprisingly, documentarists were allowed access into North Korea to record how they prepare for their annual festival and other routine life. Amazing. Sad. When Kim Jong-Un ascended, I was able to make much more connections having seen this, whereas otherwise it would have been another piece of information – not that it is influencing my day-to-day life, but goes to show how well the filmakers did at conveying what life is like in N. Korea. (Which is important… this is hard to convey…)


The Avengers: One of my favorite movies!

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Answers and Desires

I tried writing normal posts today. I tried so hard. Eventually I decided to write what is bottled up in my head. Plus, as said below, I didn’t think any of them were good to publish. It was a hard blogging challenge topic today! Fun, but hard. Warning: the below gets into some heady stuff…. Feel free not to read… Friends and family, you guys are great… I hope if you read this it doesn’t change your perception of me. By the way, this is the darkest my head gets, I just wrote out my feelings and questions, in order and lightly edited them, and somehow I don’t think that it is actually all that dark…

(play while you read if you want to hear what I was listening to while typing part of this – it’s pretty good for expressing in music what I was feeling, but the lyrics have nothing to do with it. Actually, I have heard this song multiple times, and still don’t know what it means…)

I want to bawl (n. a loud unrestrained shout) about the injustices and evil that has happened to me.

I want to be able to post comments I write knowing that it will be good for them.

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