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Winter N.A.C – Christmas Carol or Song


I landed on Good King Wenceslas as the song I wanted to “nail art” because I figured not many other people would be tackling it. 🙂

It wasn’t until I looked at the other nail art today that I realized that others weren’t looking at the challenge the same way I was — as an illustration idea like frame-by-frame –, but I decided to go ahead anyway – I was too curious about how it would work!

To illustrate Good King Wenceslas, with the King and Page together was my very original idea, but then I decided to do it as prompt cards. What was the next verse? Hmmm… oh! Something about mountains!

It’s not very photogenic, but I had so much fun doing this and the idea that people might look at my nails and then break out into song is intriguing. 😛


wenceslas(I did photoshop just one part – I had this weird, tiny red dot on the top of the blue on the mountains, totally invisible in real life, so I thought it would be okay to take it out, if I told you.)

And of course I added the borders. 🙂 I hoped it would transport the brain back to Wenceslas’s time. 😀

So there is the crown (for Wenceslas):


The moon and fire (gath’ring winter fuel)…

The mountain where the peasant lives under….

The miraculous Kingly footprints…

And the cross is a more abstract illustration of the last verse — illustrating “Christian men”, mainly.

Secondly, I had the other hand, and I considered if I wanted to do another song.

And I did!

I did Silver Bells on this hand:

silver bells

First is the sidewalks dressed in holiday style…

Then meeting smile after (rainbow-colored) smile…

Then silv-er bellls…..

Then the stoplights that even blink red and green…

And Santa, who’s big scene it is.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry, I got to cut this post short, but I will see you soon!

Oh! Sorry, I forgot to put this on before — check out the other entries! 😀

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What is one of your favorite Christmas songs? Do you have any memories associated with it?

BT and I love to belt out the Looney Tunes Good King Wenceslas – the only version I knew (and loved) for years. 😀