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Communication Epiphanies of the Last Week

So, I’m not going to post the post I was going to post.

I thought it was pretty good after I wrote it, but on 2nd thoughts. Nope.

I mean it’s not not good, but it’s not the message I want to add to the world.

Silence can be annoying. It can be perturbing, but I find it the preferable alternative.

For years, I blamed a disorder for my lack of speech, my lack of words.

My blog almost further proves it – the long gaps, and the insanely long time it takes for me to reply to comments.

Any foray into social media – tumblr, twitter, blogging – spells out the same story. I’m quiet, and take very long to reply to things addressed to me.

I didn’t know what to think – The people around me usually have a ready word, the bloggers who do share several similarities to me write back within the day.

Then I learned that it seems Fi keeps its feelings to itself and stuff started to make a little sense.

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Recent (Word) Pictures

(I accidentally copied my notes for this post into the Title area, and it said “Cognitive Psych Pants” XD — it made me lol.

It made me think, “Right now is a good time to tell me a joke, because I’m liable to laugh easily!” 😀 )

Okay, anyways, I begin:

I’m pretty not-so-good at giving compliments, but I was rather happy to be able to do this one easily.

It was for a tweet event with the Foreverists, in honor of Donnie Keshawarz who has been super amazing to everyone tweeting and fighting for Forever, and so we wanted to say so.

I’m not good at compliments and

That’s all she wrote!… That day…

Where was I?

Erm, so yes, I’m not so good at compliments because I’m much better at seeing literal things, and compliments are rarely objective. Therefore one of my favorite things in the world is a mysterious zone to me.

But I did this one, and was so happy because it was true! And yet a compliment, still.

(No, I literally did not realize my compliment was about compliments, until now! And I’m hoping that doesn’t throw my readers off. I was trying to think of things to talk about for #DonnieTheAmazing and why I thought he should be extolled, and that is what came to mind reading over my screen caps in my Forever folder, so at the time it was completely separate – the concept of “complimenting” and “compliments”.)

So, there are these people at a website called A Little Bit of Personality (and off I go on a tangent… in 3, 2, 1!)

This is literally how I start almost all of my conversations. If I instigate it completely – it’s not a reply, follow-up, add-on or linked in any way, and it’s totally my idea, I start off like this.

Years of being yelled at – when I had just started and said 3 words – engrained the very-sure principle of “Subject first”.

So, I say the subject first now. I say the who and the where in the first few words of my new-concept.

But the weird thing is, half the time I do this, somebody starts giggling and looking off in the distance like I have no clue and I’m still messing up. I have NEVER figured this out.

Anyways, tangent over 🙂

So there are these people at a website called A Little Bit of Personality, and that blog has given me some new info to mull on. As people say, “completely opened my eyes”.

It’s a super-exciting concept. Behavioral versus cognitive psychology.

Oh my gosh!!

Okay, so this really gets my brain happy with several super-novas going on inside, too, with like new info and brain-waves and ideas, but I’ll try to be cohegent. (Doesn’t that sound right for some reason?)

Cognitive psychology says if you are E or I depends on whether you look inside or outside first in your thinking process.

Behavioral psychology is about how you act. Whether or not you are a extravert or introvert behaviorally is about how many people you like to spend your time with and how tired you are after a party.

Ready for the mind-blowing part?

Okay, according to ALBOP – they are completely different.

They’re completely different! According to ALBOP cognitive and behavioral psychology has been mixed together with Kensian, Jungian and MBTI science when the K, J and MBTI ideas were meant to be all about cognition and not behavior.

Interesting… interesting.

Now, I can’t be for-sure, since I have not read those myself (exception Myers-Briggs), but what I really, really, really like about ALBOP’s approach is that –

1. I read some of the Myers-Briggs book. The official thing that is for everything. And it didn’t help or shed light or give clarity at all to me.

2. I’ve been waiting forever for new info on the extrovert/introvert thing ‘cus something just was NOT right about that. I totally don’t care about how many or how few people I spend time with and that doesn’t make sense behaviorally E or I. I feel refreshed after parties – like finally – but due to necessity I’m fine with spending LONG, la-ho-oooong hours alone. 🙂

3. SHE EMPHASIZES COGNITION! Okay – now I’m gonna assume now that this isn’t going to make sense to others, so it’s really no problem, but it is just such a breath of fresh air, a bright light of sun, a comfy blanket and peanut butter all rolled into one for me.

One of those things that I can’t explain so I really re-he-he-he-he-heally don’t like because I can’t explain or find where it comes from but it is yet there, like my strange love of names and all things names and how I like nicknames, and I love wind, and this is one of those things. (Apparently?)

Human brain facts fascinate me, and I love to absorb all the knowledge that I see about it. Neuroscience: how the stuff phsyiologically moves around in there. Psychology: taking weirdness and making sense of it. Words out of it, even! And I think in this way so much – I think about my thinking and it’s such a cool subject to explore! How do I think about things, how do others think about things why do they think about things in that way!

Oh my gosh! So cool!

So, she when she said, (not a direct quote) “Personality is about how you think, not how you act. All of us are an individual but I want to help you be the best you can be with the way you think and process the world” I was like ding ding ding!

Yes! This is something I agree with!

So, I plan on getting typed by them and I’m so excited and I will finally have a 4 letter code that has nothing to do with my behavior but all about cognition and I’m so happy!

Depending on how it goes, I may recommend them on here. And depending on how it goes, I may make some changes on here.

Being as this is kind of like a personality blog and all. XD (-ish.) And like, maybe it will help me understand why I’m so hesitant with saying some things and how to say some stuff… and other stuff.

So, I went shopping and I bought some new pants. (Badly needed, apparently, because when I was going shopping I asked my shopping-buddies, “Why can’t I just wear these?” and since we’d already found new pants they said, “Because those look like ‘I need new clothes'”…)

They are tan and like pant-pants – not jeans. But they have a secret.

The waist-band looks totally normal and fancy, but it’s actually an elastic band! And they are legit pants made by Lees and called “Style Up” but it’s an elastic waistband! Weird and cool, huh?

Soda Floats

Have you had a root-beer float?

The last time I had one was a long time ago, but I really liked it.

So, suddenly, I had the realization that I had both a soda and an ice-cream I could consume and still have my body be happy with me! Not go into sugar-high or MSG-ey or anything!

It was time for the Breyer’s Natural Vanilla, Virgil’s Sugar-Free Cream Soda Crossover event!!!!

Yup, I did it. It was delicious! So.. that was cool.

And finally, I finally (haha) have a exercise place I can do… thing!

I realize my vocabulary has rather slid a bit since I was here last. My apologies.

Jessica Smith on YouTube has short, practical, body-weight, ‘non-intimidating’, as she says, effective, and totally not-too-hard (no INTENSE. GO GOG OGGO!!! here. *breathe*) but still great for the muscles, exercise videos!! Woot woot.

I did some and I paired it with songs on the Spirit Soundtrack… that was awesome and so cool!

So, those are my word pictures from recently. 🙂

Hope all is going well and magnificently for you all!


What have been some of your favorite things from the past week (or mental week) for you?