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A blog about my life as an INFP living with an ESFJ, INTJ, and my pup. I blog about earth-friendly living and life through my eyes – not necessarily in that order. Come put your feet up where life is Naturally Dreamy!

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The Story of the Time I Almost Fainted

So, today I’ll tell you about the time I almost fainted. 🙂

(It’s kind of long so you might want to get some tea (I had English Breakfast decaf) or iced tea depending on your weather. 🙂 )

It’s an oft-referred to story (mostly in jest) in my household and one of the biggest events to happen both in the practice & my family – probably due to the surprising and sudden nature of fainting, and probably partly (within my family) the idea that I’d come close to such a thing is unexpected.

All of us in my family are pretty stalwart people, with one thing each that scares us. I’m the only one who actually has a phobia, but then I can deal with the 2 things they can’t, so it’s a give and take situation.

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Self-Doubt and Cashiers


I go from thinking I’m fine, I can hang out with people, and melt with the best of them.

To, I’m totally unfit for human consumption.

Today is one of those days.

I think everyone else was okay with my behavior today. But I violated my own code.

I made up silly remarks when I could have been quiet, coming off smarter and making my INTJ more okay with me.

I hate when I do this – this being not holding to my own code. I like not how I be trite when I want to be serious, how I laugh when I want to frown, when I giggle when I’d rather bring out my smarts, why when I’d rather be happy, I am focused on me and my pain…

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