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Sometimes I look around at my home, and the semi-mess within, and embrace their embrace of the untidiness.

Part of it is the simple reminders of the situations which brought about that particular mess. Sometimes it’s the recognition that the mess implies an obligation elsewhere.

Other times, I love that it shows a tolerance towards frailty, or that sometimes we can’t do everything, and things get forgotten and glossed over. Sometimes it’s our particular brand of … something, that causes us to rarely remove decorations, having birthday party and holiday decorations up long after the occasion has passed, and usually on into the next one.

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Silly Musing of the Day

I thought of this while looking at the word “questionnaire” and wondering at it’s actual meaning, and origins.


I wonder if questions have a show like “Do you want to be a millionaire?” —  “Do you want to be a questionnaire?”

And if they do, are they given answers? Not questions? 😂


Have a wonderful Tuesday. 🙂



Thought Disposal


Yesterday, I was talking with my “Second Opinion” (hello, Mother!) about a post I had typed up.

I had poured out my thoughts, and while doing so other thoughts came, and I wrote those too.

Then when I talked with Mom, I had thoughts about the thoughts.

Then I started thinking some more.

And they started colliding and confusing, and conflicting. It was like atoms in a nuclear bomb in there.

Inevitably, I started getting sad. I couldn’t let any of these go, I had thought them!
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