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Why I say “mostly INFP”

Why do I say I am mostly INFP?

Well, looking around on the internets, I’ve found that MBTI typing makes it easy to find relatable quotes, memes and blogs for me to follow. However, as I study INFP more, and other types, too, I just have too much in common with too many types to say for sure that I am ONLY INFP.

I have taken the official Myers-Briggs test, (I can’t remember what I got typed, but it didn’t seem right), I have taken multiple online Myers-Briggs unofficial tests, and gotten a different result each time.

The only thing they were sure about was that I was an introvert. I have gotten INTJ, ISxx, INxx and I self-typed myself as INFP after finding many INFP’s I could relate to.

After finding these kindred peeps, I felt so free. It relieved me so much, that I figured I could safely describe myself as an INFP for people to have some sort of starting base to start from.

However, I think I would have to consider myself one of INFPeanutButter and Jellies, or Untypeables. And that is okay (somewhat) with me. As said in that link, sometimes when we grow, we can have a way of functioning in all the types, and being static would not be ideal.

So, I am an IE NS TF PJ depending on what day you talk to me, but my motives and thinking process remains the same.

Do what is right/good and think a lot about what ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is at the time 🙂 ).

2 thoughts on “Why I say “mostly INFP”

  1. Scores for the online tests can differ, especially if your work-life is very different than home. Advice given was imagine self in same scenario for the test. Each opposing letter is at the opposite side of a continuum – the higher your score, the more “set” you are for that characteristic. My daughter is an Exxx – she scored plus/minus 1 on all 3 areas, with the exception of strong E percentage.


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