Naturally Dreamy

A blog about my life as an INFP living with an ESFJ, INTJ, and my pup. I blog about earth-friendly living and life through my eyes – not necessarily in that order. Come put your feet up where life is Naturally Dreamy!

Why Blog?

I always rued that sentence “I blog.”

It was a massive entity that was far too large for me to handle — millions and millions of people, with a unique voice that deserved to be heard, but I couldn’t listen. It saddened and overwhelmed me.

The turning point came, while I was looking for the best box in which to define myself. Am I this, or am I that? — so I had a reason for being different from everything.

And as I looked for the best way for my family (and myself) to understand what I was thinking, I found so many people writing out things I’d thought… and all of this helped me to narrow down the field.

And they were writing blogs. These blogs were really helpful!

I went on from just looking for a “box” for myself, to exploring a newfound world of health and hope, that was suppressed for the good of others, and I found more blogs.

These blogs were great! They gave me reassurance and ideas…

But I didn’t actually find one, in all of my searches, that touched on all the areas in life that I wished to know about.

That is when the dreaded word popped in my head. “Blog.” Maybe I should share my opinion and view? Maybe I could actually help someone else? Is it true?

I was totally unsure, but I decided to start one.

A blog that talked about everyday ways to survive INFP, easy natural lifestyle, and how to get over major difficulties. Maybe it could even become a virtual hang-out of acceptance…

What I found as I started, was an amazing blogging support group – bloggers and readers who are so encouraging, and really want to help out the newbies (and not so newbs!)… I can hardly imagine life without it, now.

Now, my original quest has not at all come to fruition – partly because I have to keep this an anonymous blog, partly because I expected that by starting a blog I would magically be able to express all the things I wanted to (didn’t happen), and partly because all the answers I thought I’d get, I didn’t.

But, I’m still making a difference, and that is just incredible – I can hardly believe that people come here and read, give me feedback and choose to listen!!

As my blog develops, I hope that it turns into something helpful, relatable, and fun. But if it doesn’t, I just hope I’m not spoiling this awesome opportunity 🙂

I want to hear your thinks... about anything...

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