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YouTube Playlist

Sometimes I think “I want to watch some cool stuff on YouTube.” And then I’m at a loss as to how to proceed.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube finds. Hopefully these will help you launch successfully into a YouTube surfing sesh!

Will It Double-Awesome? If you don’t know what double-awesome means, I highly recommend – this is SOOOOOOOOOO cool 😀

Let it Go – Jimmy Fallon & The Roots  &  Classroom Instruments – The singing isn’t the best in the world, and it can be annoying — but the enthusiasm is beyond compare and totally infectious!! So fun! Love it 🙂

Malinda Kathleen Reese’s videos – Burgeoning YouTube star, and wonderful person, Malinda Reese makes amazingly funny and clever videos. Even her Q&A’s are funny! 😀 Her voice is beautiful, too. Check it out! My fav’s: Outtakes, Irish Jigs, and Baby Tigers, Love Never Felt So Good (Duo Cover), Part of Your World (Little Mermaid) Google Translate Sings, Defying Gravity (Wicked) GTS, Wrecking Ball GTS , Problem (Ariana Grande) GTS.

Rhett & Link: Fast Food Song – without any prep for the fast-food guy… this is amazing!

Rhett & Link: My OCD Song – the most singable Rhett & Link song, methinks 😀 Heart it!

Rhett & Link: Yo Mama (Battle of Compliments)

Rhett & Link: Caption Fail: Jamaican Vacation Hoax – ROFL

Rhett & Link: One Direction Caption Fail – Awesome Mash-up, singing, oh yeah, and it’s funny!

Rhett & Link: Taylor Swift Caption Fail – BT likes this one better – they’re both awesome.

Andrew Huang: “Water” – A song made out of water – Wow.

Andrew Huang: 2014 Hits played with Household Items – Very cool!!

The infamously mis-named, but still hilarious : Good-looking parents sing Love is An Open Door – they don’t actually sing, but they are so cute! And this one, which though ending on a sad note, is hilarious (that guy can lipsync!!!): For the First Time in Forever

Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving – Ah mazing!

? – 1000th video – completely unexpected!

Have you ever seen a cat being dragged around in a bed by a dog — well, now you can!

My favorite Lindsey Stirling song/video so far. 😀 Minimal Beat Just so cool and so much to watch while hearing cool stuff!

Fun music video of Anna Kendrick singing “Cups” or “When I’m gone” as it’s also called. Very cool to watch the whole restaurant playing cups!!

BT discovered this video a while ago. It’s by Future Shorts who has some amazing stuff. It may be considered slightly disturbing, but it’s fun to quote. We quote it most often when referring to coffee (probably rather obviously)… — Eee a Kaffee!!!

Awesome rendition of the Shark Song. It made me smile the way the guy acted it out, and his enthusiasm.


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